AdSense Program Policies


Do you want to start earning by publishing your content and knowing about AdSense Policies? In this article, you will know about the most important AdSense Program Policies; to start AdSense earning. Some publishers do not take these policies seriously made by Google and in return, they disable the account. When you start an AdSense program, you need; to follow these policies because if you violate them, you cannot earn money properly. We have tried our best to collect all well-known and unexpected policies for you; to help in starting AdSense programs for making money. You must know about these policies to secure your earnings from being lost.

Do Not Add Own Clicks to Your Site:

Google has made a policy for clicks and impressions when content is published on a site page. An ad impression is counted, when the user visits the page and finds an ad. Clicks and impressions are very important for publishers because clicks are sources of money for them. The publisher cannot click on his ads due to AdSense policies. If you try to make clicks on your page, Google may make your account disabled due to a violation of policies. You cannot set a bot to add clicks on your site because it is against AdSense policies and may lose your effort.

Do not Encourage Views or Clicks:

According to Google AdSense Policies, you cannot encourage the viewers or your friends to visit your site and add clicks. This is against the AdSense Program policies to gain clicks or views on your ads. If you use fake methods to get clicks or views on your site, you may lose your account. You can get ad views and clicks when the users search for your content and visit your site by themselves. No fake views and clicks are counted by Google; to raise money and traffic on your site.

Do not Use Fake Traffic Sources on Your Site:

If we talk about traffic sources on your site, you cannot use any fake method to increase traffic on your site. It will be a violation of AdSense policies and your account will be disabled by Google. Keep in mind, you cannot use paid clicks, mails, or any software to increase traffic on your site to make money. Google can detect these fake sources you use for increasing and receiving more traffic on your site. Also, try to use the Google landing page for online advertisements.

Make Sure a Positive Site Behavior:

Your site behavior is also important for getting AdSense Approval from Google and getting money. You cannot use redirect ads, clicks, and boxes on your site because it is against AdSense Program Policies. Your site should not contain any unwanted content or not change the visitor’s preference when they come on your site. Try to make secure your site from malware issues, pop-ups, and pop-unders that redirect the users to an unwanted site.

Use Deceptive Implementation Methods on Site:

Try to use deceptive methods implemented on-site and avoid any false claim on your site which is not included in AdSense program Policies. You cannot use any false content on your site for visitors to mislead them or redirect them to an unwanted site. Do not add false links and irrelevant web pages on your site to misguide the users. You must use the best implementation methods to guide the users and obtain more clicks on your site.

Technical Requirements for Your Site:

To guide the users and help them get more traffic on their sites, Google has developed some technical requirements for them. Google does not support WebView technology; for content and online ads; due to its policy. The users cannot use any review technology to monetize the site and get AdSense to make money. But app developers can use the review technology by adding a supporting frame on their site; such as SFariViewController.


AdSense Program Policies help publishers; to avoid account blocking and increase traffic on-site using the best methods. All publishers must follow these policies, which Google has introduced for approving monetization of their site and start earning money. If you violate these policies, you may fall into trouble with account disabling and money loss from your site.