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AFK Arena APK is a game that is full of intense fighting and is played by millions of people across the globe. There are many legendary hero cards included in this game, which will take you on great adventures.

So throughout the game, you have to build an army, train them how to fight, and as they will master infighting you can start taking part in the battles to defeat opponent players.

As this game comes with both online and offline mod. So if you are a beginner player of this game you can learn the gameplay and basic rules of this game first as a solo player. Otherwise, plunge into the battlefield along with the heroes that you have selected from the given heroes list.

As you will complete the previous level the new level will become harder for you since it will come with new challenges and difficulties that you have to overcome in order to win rewards.

You can also team up with other players and play this game together, find out hidden treasures, and damage the opponent clans together. To do this, you may need to enter your login information so that you can create a login ID.

Additionally, this game provides a chat feature so you can communicate with your teammates during a battle to let them know how hard the battle is going to be. There is no doubt that this game is one of the best in all aspects, whether it’s its graphics, sound effects, interface, or gameplay. For this reason, you should try the game on your own and become a fan of it.

APK Features

Plenty of new and rare Heroes

In the game, you will get lots of options to choose the best hero with which you want to fight in the battle against opponent players. However, this may become difficult for you to choose the best hero since you have so many options to choose from.

Moreover, at the start of the game, most of the highest rarity heroes are not accessible to choose from. So you have to win battles to earn money so that you can use it to unlock new heroes. Each hero has a different level of fighting and damaging strategy that’s why you have to choose them wisely.

Build your own team

Thanks to this game, we can build a team alliance in which we can add other team players. We are not only able to add other team members to our squad rather we can also join other alliance members, and fight together with the enemies in the battle.

Upgrade your Heroes

Upon completing the missions and exciting levels you will earn lots of rewards that you can use to upgrade the strength and power of your heroes. This will enhance their power and allow them to fight more intensely and damage their opponents faster.

To collect rewards you have to complete levels, and missions, as well as claim daily rewards.

Online multiplayer

AFK Arena AFK offers a multiplayer mod that enables us that we can take part in the PVP Arena battles so that we can compete against the opponent players. However, plunge into the battlefield along with your strongest heroes but never forget that the opponent team also has the strongest heroes like yours.

So give hard time to opponent players in fighting, give intense damage, and get winning trophies afterward.

Besides online multiplayer, it also comes with an offline mod so, through it, you can become master yourself in this game and test your skills whether you are capable of fighting in the battles or still there is need to practice to overcome all the difficulties.

In-app purchases

AFK Arena APK offers in-app purchases through it users can able to unlock the items that they were unable to access before. But as soon as you will spend money to purchase them from the game store everything will become accessible to you.

The price varies for each item so select the items you needed in the game and make payment for it. Generally, the price starts from 0.68$ to 169.61$.

There is also an option available to disable in-app purchases so the users who don’t wish to spend money can skip it and use its freemium feature and continually do wait until you unlock the unavailable items.

Downloading process

AFK Arena APK is available on our website to download. As we do not charge any fees, we provide you with free access to download.

Furthermore, if you download it from our website, you will be able to enjoy the gameplay and play it over and over again since you won’t encounter any problems with the game running smoothly on your device without causing glitches, lagging, or other issues that may ruin your gaming experience. Keep believing in us and download AFK Arena APK right now from our website.

Mod Intro

If you have the AFK Arena Mod APK installed, you are able to select anything you want from the list, whether it is a hero, a customization item, or anything else related to the game that is locked and requires a payment.

The good news is that players don’t have to spend real money in AFK Arena Cheats APK because everything is free and players will get unlimited money, gems, and diamonds.

AFK Arena Hacks APK is so much fun so download it now and have experienced the wonderful gameplay.

Mod Features

Get access to everything

When you will download AFK Arena Mod APK you will instantly get access to use all the game items that were locked before. So the players who desire to experience the fullest version without paying a cent should download its modified version.

Unlimited money and diamonds

To unlock and buy everything free of cost in the game you should then have unlimited money and gems and diamonds. But if you do have not enough coins and diamonds then what should you do? Should you need to spend money to buy them in unlimited quantity?

Therefore, the answer to your question is you should download the mod version of this game as it will give you access to get unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited diamonds, and other game rewards that you can then use anywhere in the game.

Play offline

This game offers an offline mod so the players who are totally unfamiliar with its gameplay can play it as a solo player, learn the gameplay first, practice to win, and when you think that you are now good at playing then you can take part in the battles to defeat the opponent player across the globe.

But until you are a beginner you should play this game offline without needing to connect the device with an internet connection.

Free to download

AFK Arena Cracked APK can be downloaded from our website as we give you free access to its download. Also, the modified version of this game that you will get on our website is completely free from bugs and viruses.


This article has covered everything you need to know about AFK Arena APK so that all your questions can be answered. You can, however, download both official and mod versions through the links provided.

It’s totally up to you which version you want to try since the mod version will give you everything for free and won’t charge you anything, whereas the original version has in-app purchases so if you want to access its premium features you have to purchase it with real money.

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