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Due to its ease of use, WhatsApp has become an integral part of everyone’s lives in such a short period of time. The majority of people use this app to communicate with their loved ones via audio or video.

The WhatsApp app offers a lot of features, but people who live in this era are not only tired of these features, but they also want more so that they can use it more easily and be able to do everything more quickly.

In the communication market, WhatsApp is the most useable app for communication that connects people almost everywhere. However, today we will not discuss the importance of WhatsApp but will share all the information about the WhatsApp mod version named AZWhatsApp APK.

This mod version is created by a third-party person who tried his possible to add all the features that look dreamy to WhatsApp users because in WhatsApp they didn’t find them. AZWhatsApp APK is a well-known application due to its performance and security.

So people who are not familiar with the mods or seek a good mod can consider this mod version for downloading, installing, and using. AZWhatsApp has a very smooth interface that everyone can understand and can customize the app as per their own choice. From the app’s setting menu, they can able to set up everything as per their demand.

To know more about the unofficial version of WhatsApp you definitely have to read the whole article. It will be up to you to decide whether or not to download it.

APK Features

Language and Translation         

With this greatly modified version of WhatsApp, users are able to select their preferred language from the given list and can then speak in that particular language.

In addition to typing messages in the language of their choosing, users can translate messages that are written in languages that they cannot understand or speak.

Therefore, users who have difficulty understanding messages sent by friends who speak a different language can now send them a message in their particular language.

Privacy Protection

AZWhatsApp APK is a well know application because of its better privacy protection feature. In this modified version of WhatsApp, users will get lots of options for privacy to keep the account safe and keep away from unknown users.

This application will not only let the users put passwords on accounts to keep the app safe but it will also allow you to lock up the chat so that except you no one is able to read that particular WhatsApp chat.

App Customization

By going to the setting menu, you can enable or disable those features that you want in the app. The app’s interface, wallpapers, themes, fonts, header and footer, and many other things can be done by the users.

Get Notification of Online Contacts

As in WhatsApp’s original version, we had to open the inbox of the particular contact member whose online status we wanted to check so that we could send a message.

This app, however, sends you a notification when any member of your contact list becomes online. The green dot that represents active status will appear on the person’s DP.

Stunning Themes and Fonts

The person who loves to type messages in different fonts or wants to make a custom one can do so now with this great application. There are lots of font options available that users can pick in which they want to write a message.

In addition to it, you will also get hundreds of theme options that you can switch anytime when you are fed up seeing the same old WhatsApp theme.


The developer of the app states, that this alternative version of WhatsApp is completely safe.

So users who were fearful of it can download it without thinking so much about the risks that can happen after downloading. Aside from anti-ban features, it also offers end-to-end encryption so that users’ chats can remain secure against hackers.

Set up “Who can call me”

The alternative version of AZWhatsApp APK let you enable the feature of who can call me. Through this great feature, people can now decide which people can call me or which cannot. After enabling it, you will only receive calls from the people you added to the list who can make you call.

Make Groups

If you want to talk to all your friends in one place you then have the option of creating groups where you can send messages, make calls, share media files, and do lots of other things together.

With this application, you will be able to make group calls with more than 5 people, which is insane.

Easy Media Download

The media file that you will receive on WhatsApp will automatically save in your device’s internal storage.
However, there is no long process that users of this application have to follow rather all the media files will save directly to the device’s gallery.

This application will not only provide you with a better WhatsApp experience but it will also provide you with easier ways to utilize the app.

Downloading Process

We have made the downloading process of the app very simple. So that anyone visiting our website for the first time will understand how it works. We welcome all of you to our website and hope you will stay tuned with us from now.

A Download button, however, is available above the page, so clicking on it will direct you to another page with information about the application’s size, release date, and more.

After reading all the information if you still want to download it just click the download and begin the downloading process.


  • It is now possible for the users that they can now just block the calls from the defined person instead of blocking them from everywhere
  • This mod version is completely free from bugs and viruses so the app will run smoothly on your device without creating issues
  • With this great application, it is now possible to see who mentioned you in the message if you enable this option
  • You can secure your app by putting a password, pin code, pattern, or two-step verification method to prevent unknown users from accessing it
  • If you are a person who loves to keep maintaining or designing the app as per your requirements then this application is best for you since you will find hundreds of them that you can switch anytime from the previous one.
  • Not only hundred themes but you can also download more themes from the app’s theme store


In today’s article, we discuss all the mod versions of WhatsApp so that users who heard the mod name for the first time can learn what’s the benefit and detriments of the mod version.

On a short note, AZwhatsApp offers plenty of additional features than the official WhatsApp. However, the fact is it is made by a third party person, not by the official WhatsApp. That’s why there are some cons to it such as your account can be banned permanently, you can face some issues while using it, and your data may be stolen.

On the other hand, the developer of the app promised to keep your privacy maintain and never let anyone hack your account, plus it offers anti-ban features through which your account will be kept safe from being blocked by the official WhatsApp, and it also offers end-to-end encryption it means user’s chats will be safe and no one can able to access them to read even the developer of the app itself.

The decision is totally users whether you want to try this wonderful app once or not.

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