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DeveloperKRAFTON, Inc.
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UpdateAug 13, 2022



Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is a multiplayer battle royale game that is downloadable on android and apple devices. The aim of this game is to win by surviving in the battle and saving your life from attacks, so you have to guard yourself against attacks.

When you will succeed in killing the opponent player’s team member you can then loot him and collect all of his weapons, gadgets, and resources.

This game offers different modes in which you can take part and defeat the other online players across the globe as well as invite your friend and play with them as a team or against.  The graphics and sound effects of the game are of the best and top-notch will give you the best image quality and also enable you to adjust it as per your device capacity.

As this is a survival game, you must have different kinds of powerful weapons that will help you in protecting yourself and killing the enemies. That’s why this game provides you with a larger number of weapons that players can choose from the list and use during the battle to clear the land from the enemies.

In addition to weapons, you can also choose the hero of your choice as well as the vehicle that will take you from one place to another. Additionally, you can customize and upgrade the performance of heroes, vehicles, and weapons.

APK Features

Plenty of different weapons

As this is the game in which you must need to protect yourself from the enemy’s attack to survive on the battleground.

So for your protection, this game provides a wide array of weapons that will assist you to keep yourself safe from the attacks and kill the opponent players and deadly animals that are there to bite you and give you damage.

There are rifles, pistols, snipers, assault rifles, SMGs, pan, crossbow, and melee weapons.  So choose the one that is perfect for protecting from attacks. In case you get an injury you can take first-aid, put ointments on your wound and tie a bandage.

Customization Available

Besides just providing you a huge collection of weapons players can also choose the character of their choice. In addition to choosing weapons and characters, players can customize them with different skins and accessories to make them more unique and rare.

However, you can now able to give your character a new look by changing his face’s shape, and color can change hair, color, hairstyle, body shape, color, outfit, glasses, shoes, and lots of other things that will suit him the most.

Multiplayer Mode Available

This game also comes with a multiplayer mod so players who want to play this game with their friends to make it more fun-filled can do so by inviting them to the matches.

The one thing that should you make sure of while taking part in the PVP match is that your device is connected with WiFi, not with a mobile data connection. So that during the battle your device does not start stop or hang.

Downloadable on low-end Devices

The best thing is that this game is designed for those who don’t have high-capacity smartphones but always wish to play battleground’s games that keep them entertained.

However, it is possible for them that they can download it on their low-end device. Experience this great game that provides similar gameplay to PUBG.

In-app purchases

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is completely free to play all the features of this game will give you free access to choose from. However, there are some features that will be locked at the start of the game but players can unlock them by spending real money and get instant access to use them plus get a completely ad-free experience.

It is possible that the cost of each item will vary depending on the skills and performance. So select one item and pay for it. There is a price range starting at around 0.99$ and ending at 139.99$.

Downloading Process

Downloading the BGMI APK is as simple as clicking the download button above the page. The downloading process begins as soon as you click the Download Button.

By downloading the most current version of the game from our website, you can ensure that it will run properly and smoothly on your android, apple, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices.

Hence, if you would like to try this game that features wonderful gameplay, you can get it easily from our website.

Mod Intro

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod APK is the clone version of BGMI APK that will give you access to all the in-game items that were usually charged for access.

Nevertheless, get the Battlegrounds Mobile India Cheats APK from our website and not only get instant access to all the premium features but also get unlimited resources, unlimited UC, unlimited BP, Aimbot, zoom at 360, and a lot of other things that will help to progress in the game more quickly.

So without thinking more get Battlegrounds Mobile India Hacks APK right now and start experiencing the best gameplay game with all its advanced features.

Mod Features

Unlimited UC

In the BGMI Mod APK, you will receive unlimited UC that is also known as unlimited Money. So when you have money in the limitless quantity you will then be able to get anything in the game as well as buy items free from the game shop without making in-app purchases.

Unlimited BP

Unlimited BP is another currency in the game BGMI with which you can purchase special gifts, mystery boxes, rewards, and other things.

Bullet Track

With these great features, players can easily track the opponent team’s players if they hide behind you or sideways to attack you secretly. However, if you shoot the bullet for once it will automatically hit the person and he will die instantly after then you can loot his all resources and add them to your collection.

With this feature, you can easily stand for a long time in the game without getting shot by the enemies rather you can shoot them in one shoot even if they are not in your line of sight.

No Fog and grass

In the game, you will not only have to save yourself from the enemy’s attack but also need to save from the dead animals. Because they can bite you and give you the highest damage that will cause you to lose the game.

This only happens when the weather is bad and the grass becomes larger so it helps the enemies to attack you in the fog and snakes can bite you by hiding in the grass.

However, now players don’t need to worry because in the hack version of the BGMI you will not find fog and grass so you can now easily win the game.


Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is a fascinated game that is available free for download. It also provides you with lots of additional features that will hold the player’s interest.

There is a mod version is also available so if you want to save real money from spending then you should download BGMI Mod APK and get access to experience all of the premium features free of cost.

Otherwise, this game offers in-app purchases so you have to make payment for the in-game items in order to access them instantly and to experience the ad-free gameplay.

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