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Jun 1, 2022
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BitLife APK is a great game that is based on real-life simulation. In this game, you can live your life the way you want to live as well as make decisions about what you want from life. With the help of this game, you will actually learn whether you will get a better life or not based on the decisions that you make.

You can virtually make decisions and recognize whether they are right or wrong and which impact they will have on your life. In addition, you will be better ready for the future since you will know what you have done wrong in the past.

Learn from your mistakes and make better decisions that will take your life to the best level. In the game, you will get everything that you need to survive in daily life. So you can choose anything from the given list and start your life the way you want it to be.

It is also possible to choose an age group, so once you choose the appropriate age you will find out What comforts, amenities, and luxuries will you have when you reach this group age? But at the start, you will start this game as a baby character and you have to do the activities that are designed for them.

So your better future is based on your better management, thinking, and decisions so if you make good decisions your life will become better and full of luxuries otherwise your life will become like you don’t want.

Everything about this game is of the highest quality so you will defiantly love it because this is not just a game but it will teach you how you can make decisions and change your thinking and vision toward your real life.


APK Features

Create life the way you want

Through this game, you are able to create your virtual life as per your preference that how you want to spend your whole life. At the start of the game, you will be given 2 options in which you have to choose which life you want to live.

These options are “A Random Life” and “A Special Life” most people may want to live a special and luxurious life but you have to make the decision carefully at that point because it will impact your future.

So choose wisely and be consistent.

17 plus elements

In the game, you will have everything at your disposal so you can do anything that you want to do.

In the game you can make relationships if you can afford their expenses, you can go to the gym to make your physical appearance fit and healthy, you can choose any career, do gambling, use drugs, do study, and lots of other things that you can do when you will play this game by yourself.

Design you avatar

In BitLife, you will get all the customization items to start will help you in designing your avatar. By using them you can change the whole look and transform it as per your liking.

In addition to it, you can also change your name, age, country name, school, and everything that you want to change can change easily without any limitations.

Analyze your decisions

Since you can do anything in the game, after making a decision you can examine it and evaluate whether you made a good decision or not.

Also, after choosing your favorite career, you can figure out how well you will be able to handle the responsibilities associated with that career.

User-friendly interface

The interface of BitLife is very easy and user-friendly so every new player who is not familiar with its gameplay can play it easily without facing problems.

In-app purchases

The game BitLife is almost offering all the items free of cost but there are some items are like that require a charge in order to access the game.

So the users who want to experience this game at the best level then they should need to buy its advanced features otherwise skip this option and use its free features and wait for the locked items to be unlocked.

Generally, the price range of each item varies due to its performance and specialties. But basically, it starts from around 0.81$ to 11.84$. Since the prices of the items are reasonable, which means that everyone can afford to enjoy this game to the fullest extent.

Downloading process

The BitLife APK is available on our website for free downloading so those users who want to live their life the way they desire can download it without paying a cent. This game can be downloaded on any of your desired devices whether it is an android, apple, PC, or laptop.

So on which device do you want to experience this game can install on it. Also, on our website, you will viruses and bug-free versions so that your device will remain safe and never hang after playing their game for so long.

Mod Intro

BitLife Mod APK is available on our website that can be downloaded free of cost and get free access to its premium features. As this game has a bitizenship that cost charges.

But if you want free access to it then you should download BitLife Cheats APK from our site. Also, get unlimited money along with the access and use this money to buy and unlock anything in the game.

However, BitLife Hacks APK is compatible with all the device and never ask you for rooting the device when you can access all the feature free of cost. So download it now and experience the fullest unlocked version of BitLife APK.

Mod Features

Unlocked Bitizenship

For the purpose of playing the game, you will need to purchase a premium membership for real money.

Become a Bitizen today and enjoy these benefits: No Ads, Unlock VIP Features: Access to pet stores, special pets, Bitizen Icons & Features only available to Bitzens.

Fortunately, you won’t have to pay BitLife’s membership fees if you download BitLife Mod APK, instead, you’ll get it for free.

Unlimited money

In the BitLife mod APK, you will receive unlimited money as soon as you will download it.

With this money, you can buy anything from the game shop that you require in the game and also unlock the items that you were unable to use before because these were locked.

Safest version for every device

This mod version can download on any of your desired devices since this game is compatible with all the devices.

Also, this game is completely safe to download on every device because this game does not contain any bug or virus that may harm your device.

No root

To play this game, you don’t need to root your device as this will give you access without rooting the device. So this is the best thing about the game is that you can play it and access all its premium features without rooting.

Free to download

BitLife cracked APK is available on our website for downloading. So those users who want to experience the premium version of this game can download it free and get free access as well for its premium items.


BitLife APK is a game that let you live the life virtually that you want to live in reality. By playing this game, you will learn about that you are making the right decisions or not. In the game, you can do anything that you would like to do in real life.

You can go to the school, choose your favorite subjects, can become a good and intelligent student, take good grades, and get appreciation from teachers and parents. You can also do the gym to make your appearance fit and healthy.

Through this game, you can also get to know whether the career you choose for yourself is beneficial or not. Since in the game you can choose that particular career and see how hard it is to manage and fulfill the responsibilities and requirements so if you manage everything easily you can go for it otherwise think of another one.

With this game, you can learn about the mistakes that you have done in the past and improve them so that your future will not affect them again. This game is completely free to download but it also has premium features that you can only access if you pay for them.

But on our website, you will get the mod version of BitLife APK that will provide you with completely free access to its premium features. So it’s totally on you that which one you will prefer.

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