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NameBoom Beach
UpdatedFeb 09, 2022
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Boom Beach APK is a well-known game worldwide. The gameplay of this game requires you to build buildings, raise the strongest troops, construct an impressive headquarters, strong defenses, and many other things that will help your army in combat. Once you have built your base, you must invade the enemy’s base and conquer the land.

During your fight, first, you have to destroy their headquarters, the rest of the defense will automatically destroy and you will get the victory. In the game, there are different heroes that you can choose from, but they will be locked at the beginning. As you level up, all the features that are locked will become available to you, so that you can choose them, and upgrade the existing ones to make them more useful.

The game can be played with other players and you can raid the bases of other players and loot their land, but be careful because they can also do the same with your base. In addition to inviting your friends, you can also join other member’s groups and form a team to take on your enemies together and engulf the enemy’s land and collect all the resources.

By completing challenging missions within the game, you’ll receive coins, gems, and other rewards that will allow you to upgrade your items and you’ll ultimately be able to unlock locked features with your gems and coins.

Our website offers Boom Beach APK for free download.

APK Features

Build your HQ

Boom Beach is where you can build your headquarters, different buildings, and production facilities to start collecting and producing resources.

In the next step, you will be able to train your troops to defend your land from attackers, and you can also send them to raid and loot the other players’ HQs.

Army Units

The game gives you the option of training unlimited army units that will defend your land from the enemy’s attacks and attack back on the enemy’s land in return

Various units of the army are included in this game, such as the rifleman, bombardier, grenadier, medic, tank, and bazooka.

Defense Buildings

The defensive buildings are vital for success in the game because you cannot defend against your enemies with low HP if you don’t have defensive buildings.

There are several powerful defenses included in this game, including artillery, flares, bombs, smoke screens, critters, and more. Build a defense that can’t be beaten to show off your power to your enemies.


This game allows you to play with your friends and other online gamers and play an awesome battle game with them.

Join the Alliance

It is possible to create your own team and add your friends to it, as well as you can also join the team of your friends to mission together, raid together, and loot together. Complete different tasks and missions in the game together and earn unlimited rewards.

Friendly Interface

This game has an extremely easy interface so while playing this game you will never feel any complications.

In-app Purchase

The Boom Beach APK is completely free to download from our website or any other app site. If you purchase these things, you will be able to speed up the process of building buildings, upgrading buildings, choosing multiple heroes, and many other things that are locked in the game. There are different charges for the different items, ranging from 0.86$ to 91.12$.

Downloading Process

Boom Beach APK is available on our website free of cost without requiring anything from you. If you download it from our website you will get its updated version so during its installation on your device you will not face any difficulty and after it is successfully installed on your device it will run perfectly on your device without any bugs and viruses.


Boom Beach has very similar gameplay to Clash of Clans, but with unique and interesting features that you will love. It is the perfect game for new and different adventures. Raise troops, construct an HQ, construct formidable, and other buildings as needed. Destroy other players’ bases and loot their headquarters but also defend your base from them. Your heroes, buildings, and the island can all be upgraded to get an improved version of the performance. Everything about the game is excellent whether it is its graphics, sound effects, gameplay, or interface as well. So download Boom Beach APK right away and start conquering other players’ land.

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