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The Boxing Star Mod APK game is a terrific game. Playing this game on your device would be a great experience for boxing lovers who enjoy watching the sport on television. As part of the game, there is a language selection option that will allow you to choose the language you prefer, as well as the option to set up the graphics quality.

The game has a music option that you can turn off if you want to do so, but you can also leave it as it is. When you first start out, you will only get one character to play with, however as you play the game regularly or collect coins, you will then be able to unlock the locked characters of your choice. Playing together with friends and defeating the opponent will be more fun.

With its game controller, you will be able to control your character and his movements in this game. The left jab is thrown by pressing the left side of the screen, the left hook is thrown by swiping from left to right and in the same way for the right side action, but in the opposite direction.

There are many outstanding features in the game, including the interface, gameplay, graphics, and sound. The boxing star game lets you compete in leagues, groups, and story mode. Tell your opponents just how professional you are. You’ll find a variety of backgrounds for every match to keep you entertained. The game mode can be changed frequently between alternative mods.

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APK Features

Test Your Boxing Skills

You can improve your skills by practicing with all of the different realistic boxing actions. The key to winning is to throw punches, jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

Story Mod

The game offers a story mode. There are about 15 story cards available for you to play. Once you complete the first, defeat the foe, you will have the chance to unlock the next so that your character is transformed into a powerful character.


In the game, you can customize your avatar with coins if you have enough. For his customization, you can use your collective coins to purchase different gears, gloves, and many other pieces of equipment.

Daily missions

As you take part in daily missions, you will earn rewards that you can use to upgrade your character’s power or unlock new characters, gears, and lots of other features locked in the game.

Join a Fight Club

The game allows you to join a fight club and tell your opponent who’s the strongest or the most dangerous in fighting.

In-app Purchase

A lot of advanced game items are available to you, but they remain unusable until you pay for them. In this game, you will find many discounts and special offers, so buy the victory pass and get the mystery boxes, where you will find upgraded equipment for the next boxing match, so train your character with all these items.

Mod Intro

With our Boxing Star Mod APK you can access all of the game’s locked features, as well as get unlimited coins and XPS, and there are no ads at all while you play the game.

It is supported on all devices, so if you download it from our website, we will provide you with its latest version and let you use all the paid features for free. Therefore, you can download Boxing Star Mod APK from our website for its realistic graphics and enjoy the amazing gameplay.

Boxing Star APK

Mod Features

  • Unlock All Character
  • Unlock Everything
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited XPS
  • Ads Free
  • No Bugs
  • Support All Devices
  • Latest Version
  • Free to Download


This game has an awesome gameplay, and it provides you with endless entertainment so you can play it for many hours without getting bored. It is a game where you can play boxing matches and show your power punch by defeating the opponent player.

It is possible to customize your character with different accessories, as well as upgrade your character’s power with different powerful equipment. In addition, various gears can also be purchased with collective coins, which you can earn by defeating your opponents or winning the round. Invite your friends and tell the opponent player what a powerful team you are. Despite it being a simple game, it’ll help you improve your skills and accuracy.

This game has realistic graphics that make you feel like you are fighting in a real boxing match with its realistic effects. You will never experience any difficulty playing this game because the interface is very simple.

Moreover, the game controls are easy to handle, so once you play it once, you’ll easily grasp them and you’ll taste the power of your paunch, becoming the winner of the game. Boxing Star Mod APK allows you to access all the unlockable features and paid features for free, otherwise, you will have to pay to access them.

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