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UpdateDec 14, 2021
DeveloperMADFINGER Games
Google Play IDcom.madfingergames.deadtrigger



Dead Trigger APK is an action-based game that features incredible gameplay. In the game, you will face infected people that become zombies because of a dangerous virus. You as the main hero have to survive alone in the darkest jungle and defend yourself from the zombie’s bite and attacks.

Zombies will come toward you in a larger group and you have to defeat them all alone. On the floor, you will find lots of weapons that will help you in surviving, crafting items that you can use to build shelter or camps, food items that will help to maintain your health and energy, and lots of other things that may help you in the battles.

To play this game, you just have to learn the controllers first so that during the battle you can fight well with the zombies and save yourself from their attacks. There is also a joystick will find on the screen with it you can move your hero in every direction of the screen.

Lots of customizing options will be given to you that you can use to dress up your hero and also can upgrade them with additional power and strength. The graphics, sound effects, interface, and gameplay of the game are also very good and of the highest quality that players will love and also love to play this game over and over again.

APK Features

Gather all the resources

Throughout the game, you will get lots of resources on the battleground that you can pick up and increase the number of weapons and other resources by double. Gear up yourself with your favorite weapon and plunge into the battlefield to clear the land from the zombies.

On the floor, you will get food items that you can pick to eat and to maintain your health. Crafting items will also find there that you can use to build buildings in which you can live and plan to destroy the zombie’s clan.

Lots of missions and challenges

This game is filled with lots of missions and challenges that you can complete in order to level up your game and earn more rewards.

Each mission has a different level of difficulty so complete them wisely and send zombies to their right place. In case, if you are injured during the battle then you should heal yourself with the provided healing box.

Customize and Upgrade your hero

In the game, you can customize your hero and equip him with different and powerful weapons that will protect them on the battlefield.

Moreover, you have the option to upgrade the items, which will double their power and make killing zombies much easier.

Easy to use controllers

On the screen, you will get controllers that you can use to attack on the zombies. The controllers include different fighting moves so just by clicking over them you can attack the zombies and kill them.

Also, to move your character around the screen you will get a joystick that will help you in it.

Play offline and online

This game comes with both offline and online mod so you can play this game in your selected mod. If you want to play it offline then there is no need to connect your device with an internet connection.

On the other hand, if you want to play this game with your friend then you must have to connect your device with an active internet connection.

Latest version

This game is available on our website and if you download it from our site you will get the latest version of it that will work well on your device because it is bug and virus free as well.

Friendly interface

Dead Trigger APK has an extremely friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, so gamers won’t have any trouble playing it.

The game will instruct you before starting missions what you have to do to complete them.

In-app Purchases

Dead Trigger APK is a free game but it also offers you some in-game items that will charge you differently.

However, if you want to experience its advanced features along with an ad-free experience then you should pay for them. The price range starts from around 1.99$ and ends at 24.99$.

Mod Intro

Dead Trigger Mod APK gives you access to its locked features that you were unable to use in the original version of the game.

We also offer you unlimited money, and gold coins that you can use to buy new items from the game shop and as well as get unlimited access to customizing items and crafting items if you download Dead Trigger Cheats APK.

However, Download Dead Trigger Hacks APK from our site and get a completely unlocked version of the dead trigger.

Mod Features

All Weapons are unlocked

In the mod version of the dead trigger, you will get every weapon unlocked so you don’t need to wait for them to be unlocked as you know that they lock at the start.

Unlimited money and gold coins

The Dead Trigger Mod APK offers you unlimited money and gold that you can use anywhere in the game.

With these, you can also upgrade and customize your character with different kinds of customizing and upgrading items that you were unable to use before.

Unlimited crafting items

To build buildings for surviving in the darkest jungle you need to collect craft items. But if you want access to crafting items in limitless quantity instantly then you should download its modified version.

Unlimited customizing items

This mod version will also provide you access to unlimited customizing items that you can use to equip your heroes with them and also dressed them up with your favorite outfits.

Playable on every device

This game can be playable on every device whether it is an android, apple, PC, or laptop. So download it now and start playing it on your favorite device.

Free to download

On our website, we will offer you the downloading link of dead trigger Mod APK that is totally free of cost. So download it right away and get a virus and bug-free experience.


Dead Trigger APK is a game that is full of adventures, mysteries, and thrills elements that will keep you engaged for a long time. There is a variety of missions and challenges that include in the game for providing full-time entertainment to the players.

The game is based on zombie’s movies, which is why people who spent their childhood watching these movies will enjoy playing it and can relive their childhood memories while playing it.

In a zombie world, you will be given weapons that will enable you to defend yourself and defeat the zombies coming toward you to bite you. So that you can also become like the zombies. But you have to save yourself from their bites but in case they bite you take aid quickly and heal your wound. Throughout the game, zombies will appear anytime and from anywhere, so you need to be ready at all times for the fight.

Moreover, in the game, you may also find some survivors you can add them to your team and make plans together to fight with the zombies and destroy their clans. Everything about the game is of the highest quality so you should definitely give this game a try.

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