Hello Everyone!

As you Know! APKFIZ team Launched this website with the purpose of giving MOD APK games and APPS for free and Totally secure. We created everyone private safe with good things to read. APKFIZ has been Launched in the end of 2021, and has been reached the certain number of visitors. The purpose of telling you all is that each project has its price and we are paying the salaries too.

If you can help us a little up, everyone from you a little bit more, we will be launch many other projects for you strongly.

How your Donations will be used?

If it is a very small amount, like some dollars for example each person donate 1 or 2 dollars and we collect 100 dollars. May be we buy some coffee or some Apple Juice to be excited to continue to do work with much concentration.

Or if your amount of donation is too large. We will spend it for server maintenance fees and domain names or Buy some necessary tools which helps us.

If there are still redundant than we may be use this amount for our visitors or we will send this amount to charity of poor peoples.

If You Do Not Donate?

APKFIZ set up this donation page not for money. If you think this is not good than don’t donate us. Just keep your love and Keep watching our website. We will update new posts on daily basis. You can easily trust us because we are totally free for you.

How you can donate?

Currently, you can donate us in many ways. Just remember  to leave a message for us so that we can Thank You!


If you are using cryptocurrency , you can donate through the addresses below:

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Via this Page you can donate or Subscribe us many times.

Thanking Words

We are really thankful to each of you who can participate in donating us and helping us with the maintaining and developing cost.