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Dragon Ball Legends APK is an amazing game with lots of interesting features. Children and adults alike grew up watching cartoons based on this character. Therefore, people who enjoy watching this cartoon are also likely to enjoy playing this dragon ball Legends APK game. In order to start the game you have to choose three characters of your liking, but it is possible that you can only choose one to three of the number of available heroes since those are locked.

By leveling up the game, your new character will start to unlock, so you can choose whichever character you want. You should include these characters in your battle squad and have them help you in your next fight so that your opponent knows how strong you are. The game’s graphics, sounds, interface, and gameplay are simply amazing, and you’ll definitely become a fan after playing it once.



The game gives you the opportunity to interact with characters that remind you of your childhood, such as Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Krilin, Tien, and many others.

The power-up time for each card differs, so make sure that you use your cards correctly within the time limit. If you continually attack your enemy, you will be able to defeat them in the battle fast so then you will become the winner. Once you win the battle, you will be rewarded with a coin. You can then use that coin to unlock new heroes and upgrade the one you already have. You can invite your friends to join you in your next battle and as well as you can also play with people around the globe.

APK Features

PVP Battle

You will be able to enter the PVP battles as soon as you complete the stories. Take part in PVP battles with your friends and random players from all over the world.

Upgrade Characters

Whenever you win a battle, you are rewarded with coins and all other rewards that are available. With those rewards, you can then unlock all the new characters, or your old favorite character can also be upgraded with new powers and skills.

HD Graphics

The graphics used in this game are just mind-blowing, you will be amazed at how beautiful they are. Stunning graphics give you the feeling that those characters of Goko, Vegita, Shallot, and the rest of your favorites are you, and you feel as though you are fighting those battles real.

The Experience points of the Story

The more stories you play, the more rewards you receive.  As you complete the stories you will earn EXP, which you can spend anywhere in the game for unlocking something related to the game.

Friendly interface

In addition to its great gameplay, this game features an easy-to-use interface. You can easily access all the functions of this game without any difficulty at all.

In-app Purchase

There are many features in this game that are locked so until you can purchase them, you won’t be able to use them immediately. There will be no unlocking until you have collected enough coins, crystals, or experience points. However, if you want to play battles with your favorite dragon ball legend’s hero, then you must spend your real money to do so using your credit or debit card. There are lots of items within the game that will range from 0.99$ to 79.99$ so it’s important to spend your money wisely.

Mod intro

The Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK gives you access to all the premium features of the game. The Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK that you download from our website will enable you to use all the locked features, all Heroes, as well as include unlimited coins, crystals, and many other functions and adventures. Live your childhood again by downloading the Dragon Ball Mod APK right now.


Mod Features

  • All premium features unlocked
  • Unlock all character
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Support all devices
  • Latest version
  • Free to download


The Dragon Ball Legends APK is a very interesting game you should play for entertainment during your free time. Every story has a new chapter, a new rival, a new power, a new card, and a new adventure. The player can choose three favorite characters and train them to fight in the battles, defeat the opponent player’s characters and become the winner of the battle and win amazing rewards.

You will use those rewards to unlock new characters and upgrade the old characters with new abilities. When the battle begins, you use your cards to attack your enemies in Dragon Ball Legends. Each card has a limited duration of use, so use them wisely and send your rivals back to their home. The game has many characters you can choose from but they are locked so you will have to spend your collective rewards or real money then you will be able to unlock them and add them to your squad to make your squad stronger and take them with you in your next PVP Battle.

In order to access all the locked features right away on your device, just download Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK from our website and install it on your device. We will provide you with the new features and access to the locked features for free. Download and play with the character of your choice.

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