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There are many shooting games in the FPS genre, but Dungeon Shooter APK is one of the best. It is a game that tells the story of monsters ravaging the land in ancient times and violently destroying the people living there.

Some patriotic souls came across and showed their power by standing up for their rights, rescuing people, and defeating the monsters. You will definitely enjoy playing this game for hours since its gameplay is based on a similar storyline.

This game includes a wide range of cool heroes, weapons, pets, and other gadgets or accessories that players can select as per their needs or choice. There is also an option of recruiting troops in your squad, instructing them on how to fight against dangerous monsters, and protecting the land and people living there. With its amazing weapons and pet options, this game is unbeatable.

The pets won’t be dogs, rather you’ll be able to choose from dinosaurs, lions, jaguars, and other animals that can go up and compete against the big dangerous monsters.

Apart from this, you have to be careful while shooting a monster because if you waste all the bullets in killing one monster you may run into trouble then. Because you may encounter a larger group of monsters at once afterwards so what will you do then if you don’t have any way to survive? So be careful while shooting and deal with all the monsters wisely.

APK Features

Wide Range of Weapons and Items

As in the game, you will be encountered monsters so to keep yourself safe from them you will need weapons and other gadgets. However, this game includes many rare weapons and items that will let you attack enemies and destroy them with the highest damage.

At the start, you may not find rare weapons that have high damage locked but once you start progressing in the game and reach the advanced level all of them will be unlocked for you.

Besides, many weapons will be found lying on the floor, so you can collect them as well to increase your weapon collection.

Add Pets to Your Team

In this game, you will not only encounter a dangerous monster but many rare animals will also come your way to kill you but you have to protect yourself and attack on them right on the spot.

As in the game, you can add weapons to your collection. The same as you can also select a dangerous and powerful animal for your squad so that when someone attacks you, the animal can protect you.

Having pets in your team will increase your squad’s strength double or triple.

Encounter with Bosses

The more you play the game, the more monsters you will encounter, but as you advance in the game, you have to fight the bosses of the monsters.

So pay full attention to the screen and let the bosses know that who the real boss is. As levels will be completed the difficulty will start increasing, so be prepared for everything.

Highest Graphics and Sound Effects

One thing about this game that will surely take your breath out is its graphics and sound effects. The game has been designed with 3D graphics and takes place at a historic place.

The sound effects are also horrifying and give you a sense of horror. So this game going to be so interesting and full of excitement so download and get ready to experience this wonderful game.

In-app Purchases

When you start playing this game, you will have access to a wide range of in-game features. In order to access them, you must pay real money for their purchases otherwise you won’t be able to access them until you reach an advanced level in the game.

Additionally, players will also get an ad-free version after making payment for the premium version.

If you don’t want to bother with annoying ads while you play games, want access to advanced features right away, want unlimited money, or want a free version with only basic features, then you are completely at liberty to choose.

All items will be priced differently, so make sure you select the item that you wish to purchase and pay for it accordingly.

There is a price range starting from 0.99$ and going up to 99.99$.

Downloading Process

The download of Dungeon Shooter APK isn’t free, so users who want to experience its fascinating gameplay must pay to download it.

As a side note, we also have this game available on our website, so if you want to download it without worrying about viruses, bugs, or other problems, you should visit our website. Using the latest virus-free, malware-free versions will ensure that your device will remain safe and you won’t run into any issues.

In addition, Dungeon Shooter Mod APK is also available for download on our website. As a result, if you download it, you will receive additional features which you couldn’t get in the original app.

Mod Intro

Dungeon Shooter Mod APK users can download to acquire free access to the pro features of the game. The mod version will provide users with everything unlocked so they are able to access it whenever they wish.

Our site or other third-party sites will be the only place where you can download Dungeon Cheats APK because Google Play Store does not consider it legal.

Mod Features

Unlocked All Levels and Weapons

To experience the max levels, you have to complete the previous ones because all of them will remain locked until you win the previous levels. But, the mod version enables players to play any level that they want even if they are playing the game for the first time.

Aside from levels, they can also able to select any weapons from the list that were not in the standard version. So download the mod version right now and get everything free and unlocked.

Unlimited Money and Gems

To collect unlimited coins or gems, players have to complete levels in one go, plus take part in daily missions, and compete with online players.

However, if you want to get them at the beginning of the game without any struggle then Dungeon Shooter Cracked APK is the best choice for you. Since it provides limitless coins that you can use to do free shopping.

No- Ads

To enjoy the game to its fullest, you need to download the Dungeon Shooter Hacks APK. Since it comes with no ads and makes it possible for players to play the game as long as they want without bothering with irritating popups and video ads.


The Android version of Dungeon Shooter is compatible with all Android devices whether it is high or low-end. By the way, you can also download it on apple devices as well since it supports all devices.

If you are ready to explore the dark dungeon then hit the download button and get ready to play this game with all the perks and excitement. Lots of free chests you will receive that are full of game rewards.

However, give this game a try to experience the scariest and most adventurous gameplay.

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