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NameExploding Kittens
UpdatedFeb 03, 2022
DeveloperExploding Kittens, Inc



The game Exploding Kittens APK is played with cards. It will definitely be a game you play again and again once you have experienced it. You can play this game with your family, friends, or even strangers whenever your heart does. It is an addictive game that you will enjoy for a long time. When you start playing the game, you will receive a lot of cards. As the cards will be distributed equally between all members of the team, no one can know which card will go to which team member.

This game has one main rule that you must remember; if the card of exploding kittens comes to you, your game is over, and the same rule applies to the other players. Additionally, there is also an option for saving the game if you do not want to finish the game at that point when the exploding card comes to you, so what will you have to do at that time? You can use the defuse card to stop yourself from exploding so you can continue your game.

So a defused card will save you from exploding.  When the attacker card comes to you then you will get the benefit of not picking up any cards, meaning your opponent picks up 2 cards instead of just one, so perhaps they pick the exploding card and lose the game. Then you will become the winner of the game. There are different actions associated with each card, so you need to play the game wisely to win.

Exploding Kittens APK is now available to download for free on our website.

APK Features

Play with Friends

Players can play this game between two and five players at a time. It is possible to play this game online by inviting your friends, or if you want to play it with players far from your city or country, you can play it with them, and have fun.

Engaging gameplay

A very engaging and amazing gameplay is designed for this game. After playing it once, you’ll want to continue to play for a long time, or whenever your heart desires it.

New Cards

In order to add more fun to the game, new cards have been added. Take this game in a new direction, change the deck, steal your opponent’s cards, try to explode your opponent, and so many more things that you can do.

Try to get out your opponent

If you would like to eliminate your opponent from the game. One thing that you can do for it is to get the attack card that way it benefits you when your opponent selects 2 cards from the deck instead of just one. So it is possible that he/she picks the exploding kitten card. Who knows?

Graphics and sound effects

The graphics and sound effects in the game are particularly good, impressive, and striking, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Friendly Interface

An Exploding kittens APK is very simple and intuitive in its user interface. Therefore, the player will not encounter any problems when figuring out the game.

In-app purchase

Players of the free version of the game are not able to access many features of the game. In order to experience their advanced features, you can purchase them with some cash and then use them right away. Prices differ for each item, but generally, they range from 0.60$ to 1.81$. Thus, if you want ads-free games and bugs-free downloads, you can purchase them. You can use your credit or debit card to make an online payment.

Downloading Process

The Exploding Kittens APK can be downloaded completely free on our website. We also provide the latest and safest versions of the game when you download it from our website. You can download it now and enjoy this amazing game with whomever you want.


The Exploding Kittens APK game is very captivating. Each player will receive a deck of cards to play this game with their opponent. Each player displays one card to other players and then selects a card from the deck. If you pick an attack card your opponent selects the two cards, but you don’t, this is a benefit for you as it keeps you from exploding. In the event you get the exploding kitten card, your match will be over immediately.

Each card has various meanings, so as you start playing it you will quickly understand the rules of the game. It’s a good game to play with your friends and with family members to spend some quality time together. Almost all aspects of the game are outstanding. You will definitely love this game when you play it with your friends, family, or even with the other player.

You can purchase different items from the game store by using real money.

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