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The FS 16 APK is a widely known agricultural simulation game that is played by people all over the world who want to learn about farming or to make it a profession.

As you play the game, you’ll get access to a huge variety of crops, plants, seeds, employees, livestock, and other farming-related items. It all depends on how you start your farming business.

Will you succeed or not? There are a lot of items that will be locked until you collect unlimited money to unlock them or until you pay for them in the shop. Firstly, clear the land of all unnecessary objects and sow seeds there.

Once the seeds are sown, wait for them to grow. After you have finished your growing tasks, you will be able to sell the products to other villagers and receive money. You can use this money to customize and upgrade your farm. Decorative items are also available for users to choose from and use to decorate the farm.

Raising animals can provide you with eggs, milk, and meat, which can also earn more money. All aspects of the game, including graphics, sound effects, interface, and gameplay, are top-notch and stunning.

The old series of this game also receives favorable reviews for its excellent gameplay. Because this is an open-world game, you can do whatever you want to do on the land. Furthermore, a multiplayer mod is available, so you can invite your friends and play together.

APK Features

Do business

In the game, you will be given a farm or land where you can grow plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and crops.

When they grow properly you can run a farming business and earn money by selling them out to others. You can also raise pet animals and get eggs, milk, and meat from them that you can also sell out to people and get huge revenue.

Various Farming machines

In the game, you as a farmer play this game, therefore, while growing, harvesting crops, and doing other tasks related farming field you always need a farming machine that will help to complete work more quickly than a manual.

However, from the given collection of farming machines choose those ones you require in the game. Some of the machines might be found locked so you have to unlock them by leveling up the game.

Sale products

To generate a good revenue you can sell your product to other cities, countries, and areas. When people of other land purchase products from you they will pay you in return. That money you can use to build up your farming and livestock business.

Hire employees

As the farming field takes lots of time so there is an opportunity available for the players that they can hire as many people as they want and give them half of their work. However, when the majority of people work together, the work will complete more quickly than compared to doing alone.

Paly with friends

To play this game with your friends all you need to do is connect your Facebook account with this game and create a game ID. After creating a game ID you can send this to your friends as an invitation link, if they join through that link you can play this game together and discover everything about the game together.

In-app purchases

Farming Simulation 16 APK gives completely free access to its features but to the users who would like to experience those function that requires a charge to access then you should make payment for them according to the money they ask. Roughly, the price range starts at 0.99$ and ends at 3.49$.

Downloading Process

FS 16 APK is available on our website to download. It is free to download and we do not take any payment from users. Get it free of cost and start playing the best farming simulation game on your android or apple device since it is compatible with all the devices.

So experience it on your desired device. In addition to free downloading, users will also get the latest, bug, and virus-free version that will help them to play the game as many times as they want without fear that their device may start glitches or lag. Rather, the version that we provide you on our website will work smoothly on your device and provide you with a better experience.

Mod Intro

Farming Simulation 16 Mod APK is the better version of the original game that offers more features than the real game. So players who want to experience their favorite game at an advanced level can download Farming Simulation 16 Cheats APK from our website.

By installing it, you will instantly get access to all the in-game items that were not available in the original version of the game because they were locked and only accessible when you pay for them.

However, download Farming Simulation Hacks APK and get access to all farming machines, unlimited money, unlimited resources, and anything in unlimited quantity.

Mod Features

Unlocked All Farming Machines

At the start of the game, all the machinery that this game offers is unable to choose because you first have to unlock them after then you can access them in the game.

But if you want to use any of the machines that you need in the game to perform tasks can now be possible to choose instantly with the mod version of the game.

Unlimited Gold

After downloading the hack version of the FS 16 APK, on the spot you will receive money in a huge amount that users can spend in the game shop to purchase any item, vehicle, machine, or anything that you need without spending real money.


Users will not encounter annoying ads as in the original version of the game ads appear during the gameplay and spoils the user’s gaming experience.

To remove ads, they have to make in-app purchases but with the mod version of it, you no longer need to spend money on removing ads because it will give you a completely ad-free experience.

Free to download

Farming Simulation Cracked APK is an alternative version of the game and is available for free download. It will also let the users enjoy the premium features without requiring charges.


In the end, I can say that by playing this game you will definitely learn many things about farming and can implement them in real life. There is a lot of adventure, exploration, discovery, and activities in the game, so it doesn’t let players become tedious, but rather provides them with hours of fun.

Players will get a lively and peaceful atmosphere that will let them experience the village life and provide refreshment to their eyes because of the greenery. Unfortunately, this game is not available on the google play store to download due to some restrictions by the developers of the game but you can get it from your site.

However, download it right now to decorate your farm as you wish.

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