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NameFlipaClip APK
Version 3.0.0
UpdatedMar 25, 2022
Developer Visual Blasters LLC
CategoryApps, Art & Design



FlipaClip APK offers the best tools for making animated videos. For this application to function, you must create an account by entering your login credentials. It will then ask for some permission, which you should grant. By completing this process you will then be able to start the tutorial for making animated videos.

The first step to making a video is to set up the screen ratio, the project name, the background color, and others. Then select the particular video from the internal storage of your device and begin the process. After laying out the layers and arranging the movement of the characters, you apply colors to them.

As your project is complete, you can export it and save it to the device. In addition to choosing videos from the internal storage, you can draw the image you are desiring to create if you are talented at drawing. Simply draw the image and the animation process will begin. Additionally, you can add sound to your animated videos to make them more professional.

There is no complicated interface to this application, but it is possible that a beginner will find it a little difficult to operate. However, they can view YouTube tutorials to learn everything and then create videos professionally.

You can download FlipaClip APK from our site for free and use it for your animated projects.

APK Features

Professional drawing tools

There are many drawing tools available in this application that you can use to make professional animated cartoons. These tools are shapes, lasso tools, brushes, colors, erasers, rulers, fill, and many others that you can use in your drawings.

Interesting layer features

This application allows you to create layers of your project to add more smoothness and professionalism. You can add 3 to 10 layers according to your needs in the cartoon animation project.

You can also zoom in and out of the project that you create to see the corners. If any mess you see you can erase it easily and make it clean and smooth.

Add music to your animation

After you have completed your project you can then add music behind your project so it will look so real and professional. You can add up to audio tracks according to your choice and adjust them in the video.

Insert images and videos into your animation

With this application, you can now easily add up the image and videos from your internal storage. Simply import them and add them to your animated project.

Export animated videos and share them online

After completing your cartoon animated project you can then export it in MP4 and Gifs format. Additionally, you can convert animated clips into PNG sequences.

Customize the video quality and resolution according to the project requirement. As it’s saved to your device you can then share it on your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social sites to earn some appreciation.

In-app purchases

The Flipaclip APK offers in-app purchases that you can use if you wish to use this application professionally. The paid version of this app has many advanced features that are only accessible to paying users. Therefore, if you want these features, you have to pay. Each item’s price varies, but it starts at 0.62$ and ends at 6.44$.

Downloading Process

We offer FlipaClip APK for free download on our website. Hence, you can download it from our site for free, and get the most up-to-date, virus-free version. After you install it, you will not experience any problems using it.


FlipaClip APK is a very popular animation application that can be used by anyone who likes to create animated cartoon videos. It is recommended for those who have the talent and desire to succeed in the animated field to use this application for their practice or even at the professional level.

They can use this application to create a unique piece of animated cartoon art through their creativity. It allows you to customize the whole scenario based on your own preference. In order to create videos, you need to configure the screen ratio, the project name, the background color, among other things. Choose the particular video from your device’s internal storage and then start the process.

Create layers, modify characters’ movements, and then apply colors to them. Once you have completed your project, you can export and save it onto your device. In this application, you can use a wide range of drawing tools to make professional animated cartoons. Drawing tools such as shapes, lasso tools, brushes, colors, erasers, rulers, fill, and many more are available to you for use.

As a bonus, after completing your project, you can then add music to it so it will seem authentic and professional. It is possible to insert up to two audio tracks, and you can adjust them in the video.

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