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Updated 7 June 2022



Google Maps APK is one the best application that let you check your current location where you are at the moment. Through this site, you can also share your location with your family members so that they can track you and pick you up from that point.

If you are planning to go somewhere but don’t know the exact location then with the help of this application you can connect your vehicle with it and easily reach your destination. This application will also assist you that which route will be best for you if you want to go in a short time.

However, you can check which roads are filled with traffic or which are not. Through this site, you will be able to know the directions to the place where you would like to go. With this tool, you can calculate the distance from your location if you wish to travel by walking, motorcycle, car, bus, or train.

So choose the appropriate ride and get to know the distance and safe direction.

This app will be going to be your best friend since it will help you to reach safely the place you want to go even if you are unfamiliar with the tracks. Moreover, if you are a tourist and love to explore places then you should install this application onto your mobile device or other devices of your choice.

Since this application is compatible with all devices whether it is an android, apple, or others. Also, add on your business location so that your customer can reach the right place without losing somewhere.

Below we will reassessment its features so that you will know more worth of this application.

APK Features

Take you to the right place

If you are unfamiliar with the route of the place where you want to go. So then, this application will help you a lot because you can connect this application with your vehicle, select the destination, follow the direction, and reach the exact location without hassles.

Multiple categories

I am happy with the design and management of this application. All available features will appear on the home screen so that new users will be able to find them quickly and make good use of them.

There is a huge variety of categories in which you can choose, such as restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, and anything you wish to see or explore.

Add your business location

In case, if you are planning to start a new business then you should add your business location to the google play store.

So that people can come to your place without facing problems in finding your restaurant, clinic, clothing store, grocery shop, salon, or whatever business you are doing.

Share your current location

When you are going somewhere for the first time you can then send your live location to your family or friend so that they can track you throughout the journey and tell you in the right or wrong direction.

Also, if they know your location, they will pick you up as soon as you arrive at the place, otherwise, you and they will have a hard time finding each other.

User-friendly interface

The interface of the Google Maps APK is easy and user-friendly. A person who wants to learn how to use this application can easily learn all of its features since all of them are shown to you on the home screen.

Downloading Process

Google Map APK is available on our website to download for free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single cent since this application does not ask for charges for its downloading. Also, get the updated version of this application from our site. As you will download it, it will work properly on your device since it is virus and bug-free.

So download it now and save a lot of time from wasting and reach the right place without losing between the mountains, rivers, and anywhere else.

Mod Intro

Google map Mod APK is an alternative version of Google Maps. Since this application offers lots of features that cost charges but if you download google map cheats APK from our site you will instantly get access to all of its premium features and also get an ad-free experience.

So if you want to take advantage of its fullest unlocked version then you should have to download it on your android or apple devices since it is compatible with all the devices.

Mod Features

Premium version unlocked

The mod version of google maps provides you complete access to its premium version so that people can experience the best features for free at no cost.

Offline access is possible

As you know, you can’t access this application without an internet connection.

But however, if you will install our provided mod version we will then give you access to it offline that you can use even when your device is disconnected from an internet connection.

Ad-free experience

In the original version of it, you may be bothered by the third-party ads that make your experience annoying.

But now with this, you can block the ads and make the app completely ad-free which will make your experience more enjoyable and better.

Latest and bug-free

On our website, you will get the link to this application that is updated and free from bugs and viruses.

When you download a virus and bug-free version your device will then be kept safe and secure from being damaged.

Free to download

Google Maps Cracked APK is available on our website that is completely free from fees but provides you complete access to its advanced features.

So if you want to experience its advanced features without any fees then you should download this great application onto your device and enjoy your journey.


Google Maps APK is one the best application that provides us right directions to places so that we can reach them safely without facing problems. This application will also prove helpful for tourists, travelers, drivers, and almost every person who loves to explore the places.

You will also be able to see which routes are jammed with traffic. If you have less time to attend events or other activities, you can change your route according to this information.

In the event that you are traveling alone for the first time and have no clue where you are, you can share your live location with your family. Throughout the trip, they will monitor you. It would be beneficial for you to add your business location to Google Maps so that your customers could find you easily and come to your business faster.

You can also get directions by entering both your current location and destination. The website also includes sections for different services along with directions and times. To ride a motorcycle, click on the motorcycle icon, and to ride a bus, car, or train, click on their respective icons.

The interface is straightforward and user-friendly, so even new users will have no trouble using it. With this application, you can check the location even while offline, which is one of its most useful features.

On our website, you will get the link to the mod version of it and the original version as well. So if you wish to experience its advanced feature without spending money then you should download it otherwise, skip it and install the original one.

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