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If you are a person who loves painting, designing, decorating, planting, building, and living a luxurious life, Home Street APK is the game for you. A single game can provide them with all the experience they need.

This game is full of fun and interesting elements simultaneously that will keep you engaged and entertained for a long time so that you won’t get bored.

Build your dream home, make friends, get a job, attend parties, go on trips, plant flowers, and do anything you want without any limitations except your imagination in this game.

There is a huge section of customization where you can design your game character as same as your real appearance. At the beginning of the game, you will find everything unlocked so you have to unlock them by completing levels and missions given to you throughout the time.

All the features of this game are fully updated so that while utilizing its players don’t encounter with any problems. Also, the user-friendly interface makes the game easier to play, as everything is placed and configured properly on the screen.

To know more about the game you must read the entire article so that while playing you don’t find any complexities.

APK Features

Design a Dreamy World

The gameplay of this game is full of challenging tasks that you have to complete if you want to progress in the game. The main task of this game is to build your own home the way you want to build it.

All the construction goods, luxury amenities, exterior decoration, and other things will be provided to you, so utilize them appropriately, make a dreamy house for you, and live a life like royals.

Give New Look to Your Character

Gamers will have the option to customize their game characters and give them a look similar to how they look in real life.

Several customization accessories are available, such as makeup, outfits, shoes, hair colours, hairstyles, eye colours, body shapes, jewellery, and many others, which can be used to change the overall appearance of the character.

Make Awesome Friends

In the game, you will find new friends you can talk to virtually and have fun together exploring the town. You can invite them to your house and show them the house that you built and designed.

In addition, you will also interact with many people who are working alongside you in an organization. You can attend different events as well, talk to people, who you think that they have a good sense of humour and offer a friendship proposal.

User-Friendly interface

An intuitive and comprehensive user interface is available in Home Street APK. The convenient interface means that newbies will not face any problems when they play the game for the first time.

They will be able to find all the features on the main screen so that they can select any of them and begin playing.

In-app Purchases

In-app purchases are available in Home Street APK, which means players who want to enjoy the game fully can simply purchase extra features to boost the game to the next level.

After spending money, you will be able to unlock everything as well as enjoy the gameplay without having to deal with annoying advertisements. There will be a different price range for each item, so make sure you pay accordingly.

There are generally two price ranges: a starting price of 0.99$ and a maximum price of 99.99$.

Downloading Process

The download button of the Home Street APK will take you straight to the download page. After you download the game, you will be able to play it without having any problems or issues.

Rather, it will be able to run smoothly on your Android or Apple device and will give you a reliable experience. Moreover, you will not come across any bugs or viruses that may damage your device.

Home Street Mod APK is also available on our site, so you can gain immediate access to its additional features that weren’t available for freemium players.

Mod Intro

The Home Street Mod APK is an alternative version of the real game, which allows players to access all the pro features for free. So if you are a person who loves to play games with all the extra features without paying any fees then the mod version is only made for you, since it does not charge any cost.

Download Home Street Cheats APK right away to not only get the premium feature but to receive unlimited money, unlimited gems, and other customization features.

Mod Features

Get All the Premium Attributes

Everyone knows that premium items help us a lot in the game to win without bothering any complexities because they boost up the performance of gadgets, weapons, characters, and others.

But to access them, we always have to pay an amount otherwise we lose the game. Therefore, mod versions make it possible for us to gain access to everything without paying even a cent.

To experience all the premium features free, download Home Street Hacks APK.

Obtain Unlimited Coins and Gems

To decorate your home you must have limitless coins in your account otherwise you are unable to utilize them until you collect coins or make in-app purchases for them.

Well, Home Street cracked APK let users receive unlimited gold coins, unlimited gems, and unlimited diamonds. So that, they can do free shopping and get access to anything at no cost.

Ad-free Experience

Ads always come up to ruin our gaming experience. This is why the developer offers in-app purchases so that players can remove them and enjoy the gameplay without bothering with ads.

Nevertheless, to remove them you don’t need to pay an amount rather download the modified version of it and enjoy.


Home Street APK is a wonderful game that gives you the ability to recreate your life the way you want it to be. Everything will be at your disposal so utilize the things appropriately and live in a dreamy world virtually.

To play this game at its fullest, you need to spend real money on its in-app purchases. Simply turn on the option, select any of the items or deal you want, make payment via your credit, debit, or any other payment transaction, and enjoy the gameplay more with all the extra features.

Well, there is also an option of disabling the in-app purchases option if you don’t want to pay. The graphics, sound effects, interface, and gameplay of this game are of extraordinarily amazing and you will definitely be blown away. Download the game right now and live the dreamy life you always want in real.

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