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All of us just watch evolving movies where heroes can transform themselves into other creatures, but never experienced this in real. With Idle Transformation APK, players will be able to transform their characters into their favourite creatures.

At first, you will be able to transform one character but once your game starts progressing rest of the characters will be unlocked for you. The characters will be Werewolf, Yeti, Female, Lizard, Ape, Mummy, Bigfoot, and Mermaid. Changing a character will take a lot of time since the body parts of the character will be transformed separately rather than once.

Also, you need infinite money to evolve your normal character into a monster one. Apart from its gameplay, this game has received huge love from its fans since they keep entertained and busy with its exciting gameplay.

This game also includes a spin wheel that can be turned around once a day and receive infinite rewards. To play the game you only have to click fast on the part you are changing which means playing this game is not as difficult as you are wondering.

Upgrading feature is also available but it will require money from the players in order to give them the ability to generate income triple the time than normal income, plus they will start receiving income even if they turn off the game.

This game’s interface, graphics, sound effects, and everything else about it are outstanding, and you should try it at least once. Upon clicking the download button, the download process will begin.

APK Features

Transform Your Character into a Monster

When you play the game for the first time, you will find a normal character, but your task is to turn it into a dangerous monster. In this game, you can select different parts of your body according to your preferences or a character you envision in your head.

However, all of the rare body parts will be inaccessible at the start of the game, so newbies have to struggle a little more than the familiar players. Upon completing tasks and missions, you will receive coins or other game rewards that will be helpful in unlocking pro features.

Upgrade Your Character

Apart from transforming characters into monsters, this game also includes a booster machine which means if your character were generating 100K gold coins, now you will start receiving 200 to 500% as compared to the original income.

But to boost your income you must have to spend money, it can be expensive for some of you but it will be fruitful in future. So if you love the evolving game then spending money will not be a big deal for you.

Also, the income will be generated even if you are offline, what do you need more than this?

Obtain More Money

To obtain more rewards, you must have to take part in every mission and challenge gave to you, claim daily rewards, update the game daily, make in-app purchases, spin the wheel, and many other activities you can perform that will be caused by collecting unlimited Coins. Also, you can watch ads if you want to increase the number of coins more quickly.

Nevertheless, when you have an unlimited amount of money everything will become possible to you as you can unlock anything that you were not able to use previously, you can customize your character the way you want, and you will also be able to do free purchases in the game store.

Friendly Interface

When a game has a complex interface, newbies run into trouble in finding their kind of feature. Therefore, idle transformation APK offers a very smooth interface that everyone will find easy and understandable.

In-app Purchases

For pro features to be available immediately in the game, the idle transformation required charges. Our standard version allows us to use only those features that are free, but real game enthusiasts desire everything in the game immediately, so they have access to all the extra features and can win the game continuously without losing.

In order to make the game more worthwhile, you should make in-app purchases. There is a wide range of prices for each item, but they start 2.99$ and end at roughly 49.99$.

Downloading Process

If you would like to download Idle Transformation, click on the following Download Button. Upon clicking the download button located above the page, the downloading process will begin.

One of the best things about this game is that it works on both high-end and low-end devices.  Hence, you can download it on any device of your choice and start experiencing the best FPS gameplay.

If you prefer a clone version of this game, you can download Idle Transformation Mod APK, which provides all the pro features without asking for payment.

Mod Intro

Idle transformation Mod APK gives freemium users free access to premium features so that they can enjoy the game’s in-game items without paying for them. However, you can download Idle Transformation Cheats APK right now in order to receive everything for free, including unlimited diamonds and unlimited money, which you can use to purchase anything in the game store.

Mod Features

Unlocked Everything

The mod version of Idle Transformation provides access to utilize everything at the start of the game. As you may have already known that standard version asks for payment in order to give access to all the premium items but with the mod version we provide, you will obtain everything free of cost.

Download Idle Transformation hacks APK and gets the beneficiary version straight away.

Unlimited Gold Coins

Want to gain gold coins and diamonds without any struggle? Idle transformation cracked APK is your answer then. Since this is the mod version of the real version so you will obtain everything limitless without any struggle or money.

Once you receive coins, you can use them to do free shopping and purchase any item that you required.

Unlimited Spin

In the standard version, the players will only be able to spin the wheel once. But now this mod version makes it possible for them to spin the wheel as much as they want and get unlimited rewards.

Why you are still here, go, click on the download button, and get a version full of perks and treasures.


With Idle Transformation APK, players will be able to evolve their character into a variety of animals. It means this game gives players the ability to transform their human avatar into any animal of their choice.

If this sounds interesting to you, you should try this game and be amazed by the remarkable and interesting gameplay it offers. In the standard version of this game, you needed to spend lots of money to unlock different body parts.

However, the mod version on our site will never charge you for anything but rather give you infinite money that allows you to speed up the process.

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