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Instagram is the most popular and well-known application that let you discover new people to interact, share photos, videos, reels, make audio and video calls, send messages in different font styles, block users, and many other features you will find as you use it.

However, in today’s topic, we are going to talk about the mode version of Instagram not of official Instagram because people want more feature than the official Instagram already have. So with instander APK, you are able to download any content that you would like to save into your gallery without needing to install other third-party content saver applications.

This application will also let you translate messages, captions, bios, and comments that your friends or favorite celebrities write in other languages that you barely understand. In addition to them, you are also able to run two Instagram accounts on the same device at the same time so that you can keep your privacy maintained for your personal and business use.

Furthermore, there are lots of other features you will get such as hide typing, hide view stories, blocking someone who making you irritate with their annoying messages, customizing the app’s themes, ad-free experience, enable and disable auto-play, getting a verification badge even if you haven’t followers in million, add-on more emoji and stickers to your current collection and send them to your friends to make them impressed by your unique emojis collection.

To get more information about the app please read the whole article from up to down.

APK Features

Download pictures and videos

On the official Instagram, we don’t get this feature of downloading photos, videos, and other content that is available on the official Instagram. So to download we always had to copy the URL links of those videos that we want to download so that we can access them offline.

Thereafter, paste them on any of the streaming applications to download which is a very long procedure that new users barely understand. But now by staying on the app, you can download any of the content directly to your device gallery and it also makes it easy for us to share videos with friends on other social network sites.


Occasionally, we encounter so many annoying ads as soon as we start using the mod versions that make our experience worst with that app. Ads not only make us frustrated but also cause us to drain our battery and take lots of our data and make the app experience more costly.

However, with instander, you can experience the best social network site because this application will block all the annoying ads that may ruin your app usage experience, also it will help you to save lots of your mobile data.

So feel free to download this great app as it will never ever bother the users to watch third-party ads in order to access its variety of features.

Discover new people

We can use this application to easily expand our friend list on Instagram. This will help us to become a popular Instagram personality because more people will view our live stream, IGTV, reels, and other content that will help us grow on Instagram.

Further to that, you can follow anyone whose profile catches your eye or follow your favorite artist, actress, actor, singer, and anyone else who you would like to follow or talk with regarding how they live, maintain, and fight against bad situations.

So talk to them via messages, audio, and video calls and get some inspiration or motivation for a happy life.

Ghost Mode

Through this feature, you can enable numerous privacy features to keep your app safe and secure.

As an example, if you don’t want to show your friends that you are sending a message it will provide you with the ability to hide typing while you typing the message to reply to them back.

Aside from that, there is also an option that lets users view their friends’ stories without letting them know. Due to the application’s lack of support, you couldn’t do this activity in the official Instagram application.

After using this application, you’ll discover that it offers a lot of other options that you may not be aware of before.

Get verified Badge

As with the official Instagram, you will only get the verified badge once you reach a certain follower number.

However, with this application, you don’t have to wait until you reach a certain number of followers to be verified instead you can donate something to the app developer as a form of appreciation, feedback, or something else in return he will reward you with a verification badge.

Hide your Stories

WhatsApp offers to hide stories so that we can choose who we want to show our stories to and who we don’t. On Instagram, however, we do not have this feature, which can sometimes frustrate us as we have to share our stories with some of our friends.

We can now control whether we want to share this story with an individual or not and hide it from the rest of the group by using an instander in this case.

Save photos and videos to Archive

In case, if you do not have a lot of storage space on your device, you still want to keep your data safe. So that you can view them anytime then within the application you will get an option of archiving. Select the videos, photos, reels, or anything that you want to save and then keep them in the archive section and view and share them anytime.

Disable Video’s Autoplay

The Instagram application has an option of auto-playing videos one after another without tapping on them. However, in this application, you will get both enable and disable auto-play options.

So the users who don’t want to play the next video without their wish can disable the auto-play option otherwise let it default.

However, by disabling you can save your mobile data from wasting on annoying and irritating videos also it will save your battery from draining but if you are using WiFi then there is no need to disable this feature you can then watch one after another.

Downloading Process

The Google Play Store will not allow users to download this unofficial app since it is not officially supported. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about accessing this application. You just have to follow some steps after which you can use the tool as per your preference.

Our simple steps for downloading make it possible for all users to download without encountering any problems. You just need to click on the download button above the page and the downloading will commence.

It is free from viruses and bugs, so users can download and install it on their android devices without worrying about safety risks.


  • By installing this application, you will be able to access all the features that were previously available only through third-party applications
  • Fortunately, you are now able to use two accounts on the same device without the need to switch or uninstall the old one
  • The fact that it is a mod app makes you able to access it on your smallest storage device without being worried about the size of the app since it is the smallest in size
  • You can download anything directly to your device gallery while staying on the app. So there is no need to download third-party content downloader
  • Additionally, the application’s interface is very simple, making it easy for first-time users to understand everything
  • This application will also let you maintain your privacy so that no one can able to access your account. Use a password, fingerprint, face code, or any other security method you are comfortable with


The modified version of Instagram provides more features than the official Instagram, so you will have a better experience. Its plenty of valuable features will help you enjoy your Instagram experience to the fullest.

Start exploring the world by watching content from other countries, following celebrities around the globe, chatting with friends, sending and saving images of the best quality, and more. Download Instander APK today from our website and start exploring the world.

This app only has one drawback. It’s not available on the Google Play store since it’s made by third parties and not officially supported by the real Instagram.

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