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DeveloperPlaygendary Limited
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UpdateJul 8, 2022



Kick the Buddy APK is a quite simple game that let you enjoy the gameplay fully and will relieve all your stress away. The developer of the game has designed this game for the people who become angry so fast on little things so to keep calm they can beat the puppet to vent out all their anger. Besides just beating the puppet you can also use different weapons to damage it.

So basically with this game, you can avoid quarreling with your colleagues, friends, family, and any other person, who makes you angry with their harsh words. So vent out all the anger on the puppet instead on the humans.

Upon completing the level you will get a variety of game rewards that you can use to buy decorative items for the room that you broke while venting out your anger. However, this game will be the tool that will help you to stay calm even if you are raged.

The graphics, sound effect, gameplay, and interface of the game is of the best quality and will amaze after seeing them for sure.

APK Features

Stress Reliever

The gameplay of this game is all about getting your anger out so that you can feel relaxed and feel light in your heart. Therefore, you can use this game as a stress reliever that allows you to do everything that will help you to calm down and become happier.

Stunning Graphics

Apart from all the exciting features, this game also has a very impressive graphic design. With detailed graphics added by the developer, players will find this to be a refreshing and pleasant experience. In addition, it is designed with an enticing color scheme so it could attract the audience’s attention.

Break all the objectives

It will not only give you a chance to vent your anger on the doll, but it will also allow you to break all the objectives placed in the room as well.

As a result, you can relieve your stress, and then when you feel calm, you can complete the missions and earn money.

With this money, you can use it to purchase new and unique decorating items that you can use to renovate the room back to its original perfection.

Equip the doll

When comes to the equipping items kick the buddy remastered game includes lots of items that you can choose and equip your doll up.

From the customizing section, you can choose hair, dresses, and other accessories that attract you. There is also an option available for the players that they can design the costumes as per their demands.

In addition to the customizing items, you will get lots of decorative items that you can use to renovate the rooms again that you destroy because of your anger. Plus, lots of weapons are also available in the game so when you complete the previous level new weapons will be given to you to use.

Friendly interface

To the players who are totally unfamiliar with the gameplay of kick the buddy, they can also play this game easily as it will give you the gameplay tutorial from where you can learn how to play and collect rewards.

So thanks to its friendly and understanding interface which never let the new players down in the troubles.


In-app purchases

Kick the Buddy APK offers a pro version that takes charge in order to provide you access to the premium features that includes in it. So the players who wish to play the game at its best level can purchase and get immediate access to its outstanding features.

As soon as you will make payment for its pro version, everything becomes accessible to you, you can even get access to use all the locked items that you can’t even choose before plus it will block all the ads that appear during the gameplay which makes you irritate. However, the price will start from around 0.67$ to 52.43$.

Downloading Process

If you’re looking for the best game that offers action gameplay of the highest quality then please download kick the buddy APK, you can get it from our site. Due to the fact that if the game version contains viruses or bugs it will ruin the game experience and start causing issues on your device.

However, now you can download it from our website without thinking about risk as we provide the best, safe, latest, and bug-free version so that your device can be kept safe from damage.

Mod intro

With Kick the Buddy Mod APK, players can enjoy all the premium features of the game without having to make in-app purchases, which they were not able to do before.

Nevertheless, our provided Kick the Buddy Cheats APK allows you to access its premium features free of charge, including unlimited money, unlimited food, unlimited skins, unlimited weapons, and unlimited other resources.

Hence, you can download Kick the Buddy Hacks APK right now from our website and get the latest version for free.

Mod Features

All Stuff Unlocked

As we have discussed above that this game offers a pro version that cost a charge if you wish to access its included features. But if I say that you will get everything free that the pro version offers then you may not believe me.

But it’s true that if you will download the mod version of kick the buddy from our website you will then instantly get access to use all the features free of cost without paying a cent for the premium version of this game.

Unlimited Gold

After making in-app purchases you will not only have access to the premium features but you will also get unlimited money, unlimited skin, unlimited gems, unlimited weapons, unlimited food, and everything in limitless quantity.

But, when you installed a mod version of it then why do you need to purchase the premium version of it since everything will be at your disposal free of cost.

Offline play

You are somewhere where your device does not have an internet connection, but you want to pass the time so that your boredom does not escalate.

Here’s your solution: play this game as a solo player offline which will pass your time and will keep you entertained throughout the time.

Free to download

There is a cracked version of Kick the Buddy available on our website to save you money and to let you enjoy the pro features, so you should consider downloading the mod version if you wish to enjoy the best gaming experience possible.


Kick the Buddy APK is one of the best games that let us relieve all the stress by breaking the objectives and beating the puppet as we do in real life which causes damage to our physical and mental health. So this is a good way to vent out your anger but without reaching damage to someone due to your anger.

We all become angry because someone we don’t expect that or will say this to us but still you love them and don’t want to fight with them because you fear that they will break our relationship with you then this is the right way to vent out all your temper on the puppet which will help you to return to the peaceful mind again.

So you can play this game as an online and offline player since it offers both mods. So the choice is totally yours in which mod you want to play and enjoy the gameplay.

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