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Knife Hit APK is a very simple yet interesting and enjoyable game that will provide you hour of fun. This game is a very well-known and most played game that every player enjoys playing it since offers the best entertaining gameplay.

With this game, you can test your hitting skill that how perfect you are in the hit the right target. There is a number of knives you will get that you can select to play the game.

At the start of the game, you will get simple knives but as you play this game regular or complete levels rest of the knives that are extra sharp will be accessible to you. Therefore, you can then use them in the game so that you can break all the wooden boards faster.

The gameplay is simple but it requires the attention of the player. You have to hit the knives on the wooden board that is rotating constantly and you have to break it wisely. Unfortunately, if you miss the target and your knife will hit the knife that is already there on the board the wheel will move fast and it then is difficult for the player to achieve the target.

Since you will only have 5 or more knives on hand, you need to break the board with those that you have.
Upon completing the levels you will then receive unlimited rewards that you can use in the game store if you want to experience the best feature of this game.

Moreover, you can take part in different challenging missions that you can complete to earn some extra. The interface, gameplay, graphics, and sound effects in this game are all remarkable which make it even more exceptional and enjoyable.

APK Features

Variety of interesting levels

Completing them requires a lot of perseverance, but when you win, you will be crowned and get rewards for the time and effort you put into them to complete levels.

Get daily rewards

To gain extra rewards, you can claim daily rewards and add them to your current collected rewards. That reward you can then use to unlock the in-game items. So that you can get the fullest version of this game and can then experience all the premium features free of cost.

Online multiplayer

Knife Hit APK offer online multiplayer so the player can now play this game with their friend and compete with them in challenging missions. To invite your friends you have to create a game ID, after creating it, send it to your friends as an invitation link so that they can accept your challenge and compete with you.

It will be interesting to see who wins the game between you and your friends.

Easy to play

To play this game, you don’t need to learn the complex controllers rather you just have to touch the knife it will hit the wooden rotator board automatically.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to place all the knives in the right place so that the wooden board breaks quickly otherwise, it will create difficulties for you to win the levels.

Friendly interface

The interface of the knife hit APK is very simple and user-friendly so the players will not face difficulties while playing it.

The main screen of the game contains everything, so figuring out its features becomes easy even for beginners.

In-app purchases

The advanced version of Knife hit APK is only available to those players who will make payment for its in-game items. So the freemium users will not get access to using the premium features until they unlock them by winning levels constantly or collecting enough coins.

On the other hand, the players who will make in-app purchases will get instant access to its locked features and will get unlimited game rewards, also there will be no ads displayed during the play, and provide the best and fullest experience of the Knife Hit game. The price range of each item varies that’s why pay accordingly. But generally, it starts from 1.12$ to 11$.

Downloading Process

From our website, you will get the downloading link of the Knife Hit APK. So you can download it on your android, apple, PC, laptop, or any other device that you are using and desire to install it on.

On our website, we provide the best, latest, safes, and bug-free version so during the gameplay you just need to enjoy it instead of fearing that if you will play it the device will start running slow, glitches, or show errors. However, download it right now and enjoy the fascinating gameplay that will keep you intrigued throughout the gameplay.

Mod Intro

With Knife Hit Mod APK you’ll be able to access all the items you couldn’t access in the original game because you have to pay for them.

In addition to accessing the advanced features, knife Cheats APK grants you unlimited money, unlimited apples, unlimited sharps, and unlimited everything that you can use to do free shopping in the game shop.

We nevertheless recommend you to download the Knife Hit Hack APK right now from our website and get the better and fully unlocked version of Knife Hit APK.

Mod Features

All knives Unlocked

After installing the mod version of knife Hit APK you will be found all the knives unlocked. So you can choose the sharp one so that you can break the wooden board faster than usual.

As you know, in the original version of this game you can’t choose them since they require payment and your time to complete levels, collect coins, and then use them to unlock them but now you will get everything unlocked and free.

Unlimited money

The mod version will not only give access to use its locked feature free of cost but this will also let you collect unlimited money that you can use in the game store to buy new items that were not accessible before as well as upgrade the existing items to enhance their performance and uniqueness. So download and get everything free instantly.

Unlimited Apples

You will be credited with an unlimited amount of apples that can be used to unlock sharp knives. With a sharp knife, you will be able to break the wooden board faster and you will win the game more easily.

Play offline

This game not only offers you an online multiplayer but it will also let you play offline without requiring an internet connection. So play this game as a solo player, practice the gameplay alone, and then start competing with other online players across the globe. So play it when you please to play since there is no need to connect the device with an internet connection to enjoy the game.

Free to download

Knife Hit Cracked APK is now available on our website to download. Due to the fact that this is an alternative version of knife Hits, it will not be available on Google Play. But don’t worry we provide the link to it on our website.

So if you want to download it you can do so by just clicking on the download button we provide you above.


Knife Hit is specially designed for those who seek a game that does not offer complicated gameplay but rather a simple and interesting one. So you can install this game onto your desired device since it keeps compatible with all the devices. After installing it, add it to your daily routine and spend those hours more freshly.

Throughout the game, you have to break the boards that will come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. To break wooden boards, basically, you just need to click on the knife and hit the board with it.  But you have to make sure that the already knife does not get hit by the next knife, as then it will be much harder to break the board because it will start moving so fast.

You may lose the game if you miss the right target and hit knives repeatedly instead of hitting the board. As you level up the game rest of the items that got locked at the start of the game will be unlocked afterward. Also, you can make in-app purchases if you want to access them right the moment.

Otherwise, get the link to the mod version of this game from our website, and everything that were require payment will be provided to you completely free without asking you to pay for them. So the choice is all yours which version do you want to download of Knife Hit the original one or the modified one.

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