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NameMy Singing Monsters
Updated Feb 04, 2022
DeveloperBig Blue Bubble
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My Singing Monsters APK is an entertaining game. In this game, you have to create an island, raise the monsters, feed the monsters, and expand your island with the maximum monsters. A total of over 100 different kinds of monsters can be found in the game and each island has its own singing concert hall where the monsters can perform for the audience.

You can also plant trees, build buildings, do farming, and do a variety of other things and you can sell them to make money so you can buy different items for your monsters. Design your island with different décor accessories to make it the most beautiful one in the world. If you make your pets happy, they will live on your island and your island will become the biggest.

The silent island is transformed into a musical island as the singing monsters grow.  As you create your own beautiful island you can then share it with your friends to make them impressed by how beautifully you decorated it and your pets are also very happy because you feed them on time with their favorite different foods. Additionally, you can play the game with your friends and other players around the world. This way, you can compare your island with other islands and see which island is the largest and most beautiful.

Our website offers the free download of My Singing Monsters APK, so download and create your own musical island.

APK Features

More than 100 monsters

There are more than 100 Monsters in the game that you can collect, raise, and upgrade to grow.

Breed new Hybrids

The game offers a number of different kinds of monsters, which means that when you make the pair of two different monsters, they will produce new creatures of monsters. Hence, each monster comes with a unique sound, which means there are different singers who can perform different musical tracks.

Worlds to explore

The game will take you on an exciting journey into the beautiful world of monsters. Several islands are available to you in the game, but they are locked until you level up the game. As soon as you progress in the game, you can then use them and customize them according to your own preferences.

Catchy Tunes

The monsters each have their own individual voices featuring thunderous sounds or cheery vocals. A beautiful melodious voice can be created by mixing and matching voices.

Decorate your island

There is a wide variety of decorative items you will get in the game, so you can decorate your island as you want.

Graphics and Sound effects

There is nothing better than the game’s graphics and sound effects. This game has excellent graphics and calming sound effects which make the gameplay experience double and you will definitely love them whenever you play this game for once.

Friendly Interface

With its easy and understandable interface, My Singing Monsters APK ensures that players don’t face any difficulties.

In-app Purchases

This game is completely free to download and to play but many functions in the game are not free to use. As such, you will need to pay the appropriate amount for those features. For each item, the price range starts at around 0.49$ and goes up to about 84.51$. Therefore, you can use any of the payment methods that you have access to, including your credit or debit card.

Downloading Process

On our website, you can download the My Singing Monsters APK for free. Using the APK, you can download it to your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily. When you download it from our website you will get the latest, free, and safest version, so you won’t have to worry about viruses and bugs harming your device. So what are you waiting for?  My singing Monsters can be downloaded for free now and you can begin listening to beautiful songs by your wonderful monsters.


I recommend My Singing Monsters APK to anyone looking for a nice game to play in their free time. While playing the game you have to collect monster eggs, hatch them, inside the egg you will get a mini monster, and then you have to feed them for their better growth. When they grow up, they can sing with their melodious voices in the island concert hall, making the audience happy. Breed hybrid monsters by combining two different monsters that can produce hybrid monsters.

Each monster has a different ability to sing. There are options available to you for customizing your island with different decorative accessories and also upgrading it with new items. With the rewards you earn in the game, you can unlock various islands for your monsters. Make your island more beautiful and impressive than other people’s islands by inviting your friends to play this game with you.

There are many items in the game that are not available to free players, so if you are interested in them, you can purchase them from the game shop. You can download the game right away and have fun playing it.

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