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NamePopsicle Stack MOD APK
Publisher Northern Cold Games
Version 1.0.13
Size 70MB
Installs 100,000+
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Popsicle Stack APK is a game that is full of fun and enjoyment. You can play this game no matter what your age is, whether you are a kid or an adult. Since in the game, you will not get any kind of fighting, bombardment, or battle element that’s why you can play this game to get rid of your boredom away.

The color theme that this game has used is very bright and eye refreshing. Throughout the game, you as an iceman play this game and fulfill the desire of your customers by making different, unique, and tasty ice creams.

If you are wondering that making ice creams is as easy as you are thinking then you are wrong because in this game you have to make ice creams but face lots of barriers and challenges. If you will succeed by passing all the barriers and serving the ice creams to your customers in the end then your customers will pay you an amount for your services.

You can make as many ice creams as you want and add different flavors, nuts, chocolate chips, different syrups, and lots of other things but one thing that you have to keep in mind while playing this game is that you have to save your ice creams molds by hitting the barriers.

If any of them will hit the barriers that come any time along the way you will lose the game and you have to then start the game from the starting point. The money that you have received after winning the levels you can use to buy new flavors, and nuts, and also upgrade the old items.

APK Features

Make ice creams of different flavors

A variety of ice cream flavors will be available for you to use in the game according to your preference or the demands of your customers.

As you head down the road, you’ll find flavors machines, candies, nuts, syrups, chocolate chips, sprinkles, tutti frutti, and lots of other things, so make sure you will pass all the mold underneath them and get your favorite flavor.

This game is full of fun and interest so as you will play this game you will definitely become addicted to it.

Endless levels that will keep you engaged

The fact that this game has endless levels means you will never get tired of playing it because each level offers different challenges and engaging elements that you will be captivated with for a long period of time.

With each level that you complete, the next level will be started with new challenges, obstacles, and challenges that you need to overcome to win.

Earn daily rewards

If you want to add more rewards to your current rewards then you should take part in the daily missions and challenges.

As soon as you will complete the missions and challenges you will then get the points and unlimited money that you can use in the game shop and buy new kinds of ice cream molds and also upgrade the old ones.

Easy to use controllers

To play this game, you don’t need to do difficult things rather you just have to swipe your finger around the screen and save your ice cream molds from the barriers so that you can complete the levels easily.

Just be focused on the screen because barriers will come at any time from any corner. So you have to immediately move your ice cream molds to the opposite sides so that they can’t touch barriers.

User-friendly interface

This game has a very easy-to-use and friendly interface that will never let the new player down in the troubles. Rather all of the features will be found on the home screen of the game so that users will not find difficulties while looking for the things they need in the game.

In-app purchases

This game is completely free to download and to play as well on your desired devices. But in the game, you will get lots of items that you were not able to use because these require unlimited money or real money to unlock.

So those users who want to experience the advanced features of the game can make payment for its in-game items otherwise disable the option.

The price of each item varies due to the specification of the items so you have to select the item first and then make payment for it.

Generally, the price range starts from around 2.70$ and ends at a different price.

Downloading Process

Popsicle Stack APK is available on our website for download. So those users who want to play this game can download it free of cost.

Also, our website offers complete bug, virus, and malware-free versions that will protect your device from being harmed. In addition to it, your device will run smoothly even if you play the game for a long time.

Mod Intro

Popsicle Stack Mod APK lets you use all the premium features of the game that you were not accessible before because these were paid.

But now as soon as you will download our provided Popsicle stack cheats APK on your website you will instantly get access to its premium features along with unlimited money free.

So download Popsicle stack Hacks APK right away and get the better version of the game.

Mod Features

All the items unlocked

Popsicle Stack Mod APK offers you free access to all the unavailable items that you were not able to use in the original game because these require a charge to be accessible.

But now with its mod version, you don’t need to spend real money to buy them in order to experience the advanced items of the game.

Unlimited money

If you want to obtain unlimited money without doing any hard work in the game then you should download our provided mod version.

After downloading it from our website you will instantly get unlimited money that you can use to unlock and upgrade the existing items.

Play it on any device

The game Popsicle stack Mod APK can be downloaded on any of your desired devices. Since this game supports all devices so you can play this wonderful game on android, apple, PC, or laptops.

Latest version

On our website, you will get the latest version of Popsicle stack so that your device will remain safe and secured from the virus.

The benefit of an updated and virus-free version is that you can play the game as long as you want your device will never slow down.

Free to download

Popsicle Stack Cracked APK is available on our website so you can easily download it on your devices without paying a cent. Play this wonderful game and become a perfect iceman.


In Popsicle Stack APK you’ll find enthralling gameplay that will not only keep you captivated but also provide you with entertainment. Throughout the game, you will have to complete different challenges and missions in order if you want that your game keeps updating all the time.

As you will complete the levels you will earn money that you can use in the game shop to buy new items of the game that you need.

To play this game, players must prepare ice creams of different flavors and decorate them with chocolate chips, chocolates, cream, nuts, sprinkles, and other items that this game offer.

In order to earn money from your work, you have to sell your ice cream to customers and collect money from them. During the process of making ice cream popsicles, you must avoid obstacles and difficulties that come up along the way. The controls are very simple and also easy to use.

You only have to swipe on the mobile screen as needed.

As each level gets more difficult, you’ll need to complete each one at all costs in order to win the game.

Instead of playing this game online you can also play this game offline as a solo player and enjoy the gameplay alone. This game also offers in-app purchases so if you want to experience its advanced items then you should have to make payment for them with real money.

Otherwise, you can download a mod version of this game from our website if you don’t want to spend real money.

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