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Developerxiaojiao zhang
Google Play IDcom.herogame.gplay.sandbox.spacesurvival
UpdateFeb 14, 2022




Project Stars APK is an adventurous, exploration, and challenging open-world game that has lots of sandbox elements. The game is entirely based on an astronaut’s profession. However, you will learn throughout the game how they survive from planet to planet, manage food, build buildings, and create different tools, and other necessary resources.

As you know that this game is an open-world game so there is no limitation you will encounter rather you can do anything as per your preferences. At the start of the game, you can choose one character from the given list and then select the galaxy that you want to explore first.

Each character has a different way of fighting, surviving, skills, creativity, and roles. As you land in your selected places, you will then face lots of missions and challenges that you have to complete to survive there.

Since each land has different levels of difficulties so it’s your creativity and better planning that how you survive and keep safe yourself from the rivals.

From the land, you can gather different resources such as food, crafting items, weapons, and other materials that you can use to build shelter homes, weapons, and other necessary accessories that will help you to survive alone and to defeat yourself from the unknown enemies.

You can play this game alone but if you would like to play it in a team you can create your own squad or join the other player’s guild.

This game is divided into different chapters so if you wish to play the next chapter you must first complete the previous one. The graphics, sound effects, interface, and gameplay in this game are mind-blowing, which every player will praise.

APK Features

Build Shelter homes

In the game, you have to build shelter homes where you can keep all your collected weapons and craft items.

Gather different resources from the land, and collect them, when you collect enough quantity you can then use them to build different buildings such as farms, training centers, or others.

On the farm, you can grow crops so that you can get food that you can eat to maintain your health and physical fitness.

Explore different galaxies

This game offers lots of planets where you can go to explore the beauty and nature as well as to learn a different way of living. So it’s your choice where you want to go first. All you need is to select the planet, land, and explore. Each planet has different lifestyles, designs, structures, and difficulties.

Make a survival team

With this game you can play with 35 players at once, so you have the opportunity to add more friends or players to your squad to start exploring and developing new planets together.

You can turn the barren planets into livable and fertile. As well as, fight together against the enemies that come along the way.

Customize your hero

There are a lot of customizing options you can choose from in the game if you want to customize your hero according to your liking.

Choose the appropriate accessories and change the whole appearance of your hero and give him a fresh new look that suits him.

Easy-to-use controllers

To play this game, you will not get complex controllers rather you will get a joystick and actionable buttons.

So, you just have to move your fingers slightly around the screen to move your character here and there and click those actionable buttons to attack the enemies.

Friendly interface

The interface of the game is very understanding and user-friendly every new player can understand it.

Those players who are not familiar with its gameplay will not face problems while playing since it will provide you instructions on how to play the game perfectly so you can read them if you want otherwise learn it by yourself.

Downloading Process

The APK file for Project Stars is available on our website, which you can download if you want to try it.

Downloading games or any other application from our website means that you won’t face any sort of problems after downloading because our game and application downloads are always updated, bug-free, and virus-free. So that our users can play games or use their apps as long as they like without worrying that their devices might start to glitch, lag, or hang up due to a virus.

Hence, if you want to prevent your device from getting damaged, it is wise to download it from our website.

Mod Intro

Project Stars Mod APK allows you to access all features of the original version that you are unable to in the original version because they require in-app purchases. We provide you with everything in our provided Project Stars Cheats APK, so now you can access them free and don’t need to make a payment for them.

Right now, you can download Project Stars Hacks APK and start exploring the planet, choosing your favorite character, customizing items, getting weapons, unlimited money, unlimited food, unlimited resources, and much more absolutely for free.

Mod Features

Unlocked everything

In the mod version of project stars, you will get free access to its locked items, weapons, and characters. So while using the mod version of it, you then no need to wait or to make in-app purchases to unlock the in-game items that you were unable to choose before in the game.

So download it right now and get the fullest access to its paid features completely free of cost.

Unlimited money

In addition to getting you free access to its premium features, you will also receive unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited resources, unlimited food, unlimited weapons, and other items that you need to survive in the game without facing problems.

The money that you receive can then be used to unlock or buy a new item from the game store without real money.

Playable on every device

Players can download project stars on their choice of device since this game keep compatible with all devices. So there is no restriction you will get while downloading. Download it on your android, apple, PC, laptop, or others.

Free to download

Project Stars Cracked APK is available on our website that you can download onto your device if you wish to experience this game at an advanced level without spending real money.


Project Stars APK is an open-world game that lets you do anything in the game. There is no way that one can get bored while playing this game because it offers exploration, adventures, mysteries, and thrilling elements all at once. In the game, you will be given the different choices of planets that you can choose from the list and go there to explore.

You as an astronaut play this game and experience the life of an astronaut that how they live and survive on an unknown planet. There is also an option available for the players that they can choose their choice of characters and start the game afterward.

During the exploration, you have to collect the resources that you find on the land such as weapons that will help you defend yourself from the enemy’s attacks, crafting items that you can use to build buildings and shelter homes, and food items that will help you stay alive and to maintain your health, strength, and energy.

You can play this game alone but if you want to play it with your friend you can form a team and add them to your squad. In addition to it, you will also have an option of joining other player’s guilds so join and start exploring and developing planets together.

Almost all aspects of this game are of the best and high quality so you will surely enjoy the gameplay. On our website, we offer its mod version so if you are interested in downloading it you can do so by just clicking on the download button.

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