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Publish Date: 2021-12-22
App uploaded by: วิรุฬห์รัช เพชรบางโกระ
Latest Version: 1.7.0
Requirements: Android 4.3+



Do you love to play PUBG and want the updated version of this game for your android device? PUBG Korea is the latest and Korean version of PUBG mod APK with a new battleground system. It includes PUBG hacks for players to understand this game easily and earn Unlimited UC. Download the Latest PUBG Korea for your android and enjoy Real Royale battlegrounds. Enjoy unlimited missions, weapons, and maximum loots in PUBG Korea android version.

What is the PUBG Korea Version?

PUBG Korea Android Mod APK is the latest android action game with a huge number of missions and hacks to win these missions. You can install this game on your android device and desktop computer without any issue. Download the premium and premium plus version of PUBG mod APK for you to play battlegrounds and enjoy the best action game. This game is available in English and Korean languages only.

You can play the PUBG Korea game by logging in to your Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts or as a guest. This updated and Korean version of the game is available in all countries as a global game.


Korean Version of PUBG Android MOD APK has unlimited upgraded features for the players to enjoy all missions and Royale Battlegrounds.


The Korean version of the PUBG android game has the best 3D graphics on a mobile platform that lets the players enjoy all battlegrounds and missions in a real experience. Everything looks original and well-detailed for action players with the best console quality. You enjoy this Royale battle game with 3D graphics with real weapons and missions on your android device and desktop computer.

Control System

PUBG Korean Android APK has a bit harder control system that you cannot understand at once but it has full training and guidance for new players. You can select the control according to your abilities and get game experience to play this game at a better level. PUBG Korea has a batter and adjustable control system for the players, and you can resize the control according to your mobile screen.

Different Game Modes

The PUBG games have different modes according to different player level and their game experience. You can select a game mode according to interest and ability in this game. PUBG Korea Android APK has the following playing modes:

  • Classical Mode
  • Arena Mode
  • Arcade Mode

You can select Arena Game Mode to play team deathmatches and Arcade Game Mode to play wars. Different deathmatches are available in Arena mode for PUBG players and get unlimited money to buy new weapons.

Get Different Maps

PUBG KR has different maps for the player and these maps help you find special features and cell-matrix plane. Get 5 different maps to play in a better PUBG Classic Mode and get a better gaming experience. The game offers you the given maps in PUBG Classic Mode:

  • Orange Map
  • Sanhok Map
  • Vikendi Map
  • Miramar Map
  • Livik Map

Updated PUBG Classical Mode

The game has a better classic mode for PUBG players and gives them better maps, weapons, and battlegrounds for earning unlimited money. You will get 5 different maps in this upgraded classic mode; Erangle, Sanhok, Livik, Miramar, and Vikendi. The control system in this mode has also changed and improved for you.

Upgraded Characters and Weapons

PUBG Korean Version Mod APK has everything better and upgraded for players to give them a better Korean game experience on their android phones. You will find here unlimited better Royale Characters, weapons, outfits, hairstyles to play in battlegrounds. Updated characters are available with new outfits, and hairstyles, to play PUBG Korea Version.

Outstanding Outfits and Skins

The game never lets you be bored and offers you unlimited characters with new outfits and skins. These outstanding characters motivate you with excellent outfits offer you new designs, models, fashion, and tactical for playing with motivation and win Royale battlegrounds.

PUBG Korean Hacks

the game has Aimbot hacks for players to play infinite fights with better targets and compete with other fighters in PUBG. You can use these hacks for a better playing experience in the game and survive in a high-quality atmosphere.


PUBG Korean Version Android APK is the updated Korean version of PUBG for android devices with unlimited characters, outfits, weapons, deathmatches, Royale Battlegrounds and UC. You can play in updated classic mode with different maps and death matches to earn Unlimited UC. The game has a better and excellent control system and 3D graphics for players to enjoy a real battle experience.


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