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Name SAKURA SchoolSimulator APK
Version 1.039.07
Updated March 15, 2022
Developer Garusoft Development Inc.
Installs 10,000+
CategoryGames, Simulation



The SAKURA School Simulator APK is a wonderful and very entertaining game. Every user will enjoy playing and loving this game because of the excellent gameplay it offers. Through this game, you can recall the good times you had while in school. This game allows you to customize your character’s appearance with different costumes and accessories, as well as pick a class where you want to read.

There are many possibilities that you can perform in this game, like attending classes, fighting with your classmates, participating in high school events, exploring the city, and many other activities. In order to control your character, you will provide controllers that can be used to control your character’s movements.

Moreover, you will also have access to other controllers that you can use to give you the opportunity to fight with people and your classmates, as well as with the police. Additionally, you can use your jetpacks in the game to fly over people when you get into trouble. Furthermore, you can explore the whole city using your jetpack.

Throughout the game, you will not experience any difficulties due to the simple and comprehensive interface. The quality of graphics and sound effects are really very good so when you play this game you will certainly love it.

Sakura School Simulator APK can be downloaded from our website for free, and you’ll get the latest version that’s free of bugs.

APK Features

Offline gameplay

This game comes with an offline mod so playing this game without an internet connection is possible for you. When your mobile device is not connected with an internet connection you can then play it offline.

Make your character unique

There are many customizing options available that you can use to change the whole appearance of the game character and give it a new and unique look.

Play with four unique characters

Playing this game will allow you to pick one of four unique characters. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the game, you will only receive two characters. After your game levels up, you will receive the other two characters.

Challenges that are intriguing

In the game, you will receive many interesting challenges and tasks that you can complete to earn extra rewards that you can then use to unlock all the locked features of the game.

Simple to use controllers

Game users have access to easy-to-use controllers for playing this game. Hence, they can pick them up quickly and be capable of handling all the tasks with the help of these controllers.

Through the use of controllers, the player can converse with classmates and random strangers, compete in fights, and fly in jetpacks. Players will be able to jump if they so desire.

Zooming in or out of your game

You can zoom in or out of the game screen in order to get a better view, and you can move the screen to the desired size for better viewing.

Downloading Process

To download the Sakura School Simulator APK from our website, visit our site. Therefore, you will no longer worry about your device being damaged by viruses and bugs because we provide the best, safest, latest, virus-free version available.

You can download the game right now and enjoy it on your Android or iOS device.


The gameplay in this game is very good, so every user can enjoy themselves while playing it. By playing this game, you can remember your school days from your past. The game allows you to customize your character with different costumes and accessories. You can also choose your grade that corresponds to the class you wish to read.

There are many activities you can do in this game, including attending classes, fighting with your classmates, and even taking part in high school events. A controller will be provided to you for controlling your character, so you can move your character as you wish. Playing this game without an internet connection is possible as it comes with a mod that allows offline play.

If you do not have an internet connection on your mobile device, then you can play it offline. In the game, there are many interesting challenges and tasks that you can complete in order to earn extra rewards that you can use to unlock all the game’s features. It is possible to zoom in or out your game screen in order to get a better view and you can make the screen bigger or smaller according to your preference.

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