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The School Days APK is an intriguing game. Playing this game brings back memories of your schooldays. In this game, you can perform every activity you would typically do while in school. The first thing you need to do is choose the grade you wish to read, and then proceed into your classroom. Get to know your classmates and have the best time at school. Attend all the lectures, so you can get praise from your teachers.

With the help of the controllers which are displayed on the screen, you can control your character’s movement. If you click on the location on the school’s map, you can go anywhere in the school. In the event that you misbehave with your teachers and damage any school property, they will take you to the principal’s room to punish you, so be a good student at school.

Besides school, you can also explore other locations like gyms, beaches, shopping places, and many others that are available on the map. It’s an adventurous game where you can do anything you want. You are entirely responsible for deciding whether you want to be a good student or a bad student. The game’s graphics are engaging and intriguing. A simple and intuitive interface is featured in this game.

From our website, you can download the free School Days APK and reminisce about your high school years.

APK Features

Enjoy Real School Life

Playing this game will give you the opportunity to live your school days again if you miss them terribly. You can choose the grade of your choice in the game and recreate the student experience.

Do all the activities you did in the school like attending classes, going to the canteen to eat, attending school’s functions and events, as well as going to the courtyard and the ground area to play, and also you can go on an excursion besides being a student.

Simple Controls

Game controls are displayed on the screen for controlling your character’s movement. The controllers are named with the letter A, G, R, P, and T, so by pressing A, you can attack on anyone, G stands for the grapple, R stands for the run, P stands for pick up/drop and T stands for taunt. You will get many more controllers that you can use for various other activities.

Customize your character

Your character can be customized with different costumes if you spend the collective cash.

HD Graphics

The graphics in this game are simply stunning. HD graphics enhance this game’s enjoyment and give you a more realistic perspective of school life.

Friendly Interface

School Days APK provided a very easy to understand interface so the user of this game would never be confused while playing this game.

In-app Purchase

Several advanced features in this game can only be used when you buy those features. As you buy them by spending real money, you can then use all the features of the game at the very next moment, so use them and take full advantage of everything the game has to offer. You can perform many activities in the school as you purchase its advanced features. Every item has a different price depending on its specifications but generally, it starts at 1.48$. You can pay a specific amount using a credit card or debit card and get access to use all the premium features.

Mod Intro

School Days Mod APK gives you the access to use all its premium features for free as well as get unlimited money, the latest version, without bugs, and without annoying you with third-party ads while playing the game and many other features related to the game for free. Thus, download School Days Cheats APK right now and enjoy its amazing gameplay.

Mod Features

  • Unlock all the premium features
  • Unlimited Money
  • Support all devices
  • Latest version
  • No bugs
  • Ads-free
  • Free to download


School Days APK is an incredibly engaging game that you will want to play all the time, whenever your heart desires. Many of us who have completed our school studies certainly miss our school at times in our lives. We will be able to live those good old days with this game again. Additionally, you may select the grade in which you wish to study, and you may also choose a student whose name you like.

Once you have completed all that, you can play your game and take lectures on all subjects, as well as engage in classroom games and entertainment. Visit the school’s café to eat something you ate in your school days and live that moment again. Besides the student life, you can also explore the whole city, go shopping, go to beaches, and so on. When you start playing the game you will find there are many things you can do in the game.

Many of the features of the game are not available until you buy them, but for users who wish to play the game with all its paid features but without spending the money, they can download School Days Mod APK from our website and gain access to all its paid features for free without having to pay anything. Hence, you can download the School Days Hack APK now, and start living your school life again according to your own rules.

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