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Shadow Fight 2 Titan APK is a popular game that millions of people play online. This action-based RPG game will keep players occupied for hours with its fun throughout the entire game. In this game, you will have the option of choosing heroes of your choice to fight the opponent players against.

Each hero has different skills and performance levels, so you can choose whichever you prefer. When the player starts the game, he or she may not have access to all the heroes to choose from, but as the game progresses, all of them will become available. Besides choosing heroes, players are also able to choose weapons from a wide selection.

On the screen, players will find an action button that they can click on in order to attack their opponents. There are two modes of playing this game: Online and Offline, so you can choose what mode suits your mood best. For a player to win the game, they must win three rounds at least out of 5, otherwise, they will lose.

Furthermore, the players have a limited time in the game, in which they must damage their opponent’s player energy to win. In the end, you have to fight with the boss of demons that is Titan.

However, you have to pay full attention to the screen when fighting with Titan, the powerful character of this game.

APK Features

Multiple Weapons

A variety of weapons are available in the game, which players can select according to their preferences. A weapon will damage an opponent in a different way depending on its level of damage.

Thus, you can select any of your favorites and reduce the opponent’s health by using it in an appropriate way.

Easy Controllers

There are game controllers available on the screen that players can use to attack their opponents. In the game, there are different actionable buttons that have different levels of damage capability, so you need to press the corresponding one and give the opposing player as much damage as you can before he eliminates you.

In addition to attacking controllers, there is a joystick available that will let your hero kick, jump, or move around the entire screen.

Challenging Levels

It comprises different levels, each with its own challenges, which users must overcome at all costs in order to become the game’s winner.

The winner will be determined at the end of the round since you have to fight around three to five rounds at each level. The players who win the most rounds will be crowned the winner.

Players will fight against the boss of the demon at the end of the round, which may be hard for new players, but with better thinking, they may be able to defeat him as well.

Amazing Characters

In Shadow Fight 2 Titan, players will have the option to choose heroes according to their preferences. As each character has a different level of fighting skill, so you should choose the strongest and most effective character for fighting the boss demon.

In-app purchases

Players have the option to purchase the premium version of Shadow Fight 2 Titan APK, which contains all the superior items and lets them try the advanced version. To get access to its premium version you must first have to pay a specific amount after then you can instantly get access to use any item in the game even if you are a novice player.

Plus by making in-app purchases in the game you will get a completely ad-free experience that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

The price may vary for each item but players can pay as per the item they needed in the game. The price range starts from 0.49$ and goes up to 24.10$

Downloading Process

Shadow Fight 2 Titan is available on our website and we provide free access to download it. Install it on your device if you are looking for a game that features intensive fighting elements and keeps the player’s interest for a long time due to its captivating gameplay.

Shadow Fight 2 Titan APK is completely free from viruses and bugs so get it without any worry.

Mod Intro

Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod APK is the clone version of the game that is beneficiary for those users who wish to experience superior items but have no money to spend to unlock them.

In this case, Shadow Fight 2 Titan Cheats APK comes to help you out because by installing it you will get complete access to its fullest unlocked version.

In addition to getting access to its premium features player will also get unlimited money, unlimited energy, unlimited gems, and unlimited experience points so by using them in the game shop they can buy anything.

We offer Shadow Fight 2 Titan Hacks APK on our website to download if you wish to download it and experience the better version.

Mod Features

Unlocked All the Powerful Weapons

When your enemy has the powerful weapon than you, you can never be standing in front of it for a long time. So to get powerful weapons you need to select them but in the original version of this game, players can’t choose the weapons that are locked.

However, now in the mod version, it is possible for them to select all the items because all of them are become unlocked.

Unlimited Money

The best thing about every game mod version is that they provide unlimited money. So that players can easily unlock features or buy anything by spending them and saving real money.

Unlimited Energy

When you are playing a fighting game you must need power or energy to stand for a long time. But if your enemy is stronger and hitting you constantly your energy will be down and you may lose the game then. Nevertheless, we are here to share a secret with you all that how we can stand for a long time and maintain our energy.

So the answer is to download the mod version and get unlimited energy which means your energy level will never be decreased and you can easily kill the opponent.

Free of Ads

Whenever we play games the annoying ads always appear and spoil the enjoyment. But now as soon as you will download the Shadow Fight 2 Titan Cracked APK from our website you will not bother with a single ad.

So, enjoy the game with no annoying ad.


Besides Shadow Fight 2 Titan APK, also has many old series that received so much love from the people. Compared to the previous shadow fight version, this one is improved and contains many new features that will attract people’s attention. There is no boredom element in this game, rather it keeps the players entertained the whole time.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter a lot of challenges and missions. These will not only help you to progress quickly but will also provide you with surprises and rewards that you can use in the game shop to purchase and unlock items. The graphics, sound effects, interface, and gameplay of this game are all excellent, which makes it worth playing at least once.

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