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Name State of Survival
UpdatedJan 31, 2022
DeveloperKingsGroup Holdings



State of Survival APK is a shooting game. Players must defend their land from zombie attacks. Most of you will be familiar with zombie movies, which means you will know how dangerous they are. Therefore, you must take all necessary steps in order to prevent yourself from being infected with the dangerous zombies. Since the game follows a storyline, after you complete one storyline you can move on to the next.

Throughout the whole game, you’ll be given weaponry items that you can use to kill zombies. When the zombie bites you, it infects you, but you have to control them and eliminate them when you see them. When you progress in the game, you will find that the difficulty levels increase, and the number of zombies running towards you will also increase. You can fire the guns by pressing the appropriate buttons on the screen.

Additionally, there are two weaponry items that you can use if the danger level increases, those are the automatic shooting machine and the bomb. It is possible to join a group of other members in order to protect the world from the zombie infection and fight together against them.

You and your friends can work together to build up the formidable, to gather more survivors, to gather food, to gather resources, and to create other items that will help you survive. Train your troops and send them to fight against the zombies and protect the area from their attacks. Amazing graphics, sound effects, and gameplay make the game an outstanding experience.

State of survival APK is available now for free download so you can start defending your land against zombies.

APK Features

Heroes with a unique personality

There are many powerful heroes you will be able to acquire in the game. This means that you will have the opportunity to choose them and add them to your squad. Make the most powerful survival squad in order to eliminate all zombies in a matter of seconds.

Compete against other players

In this game, you can play with your friends and with other players as well. You can therefore invite your friends to play with you and, if you want to play the game with other players, you are welcome to do so as well.

Build up

Build up the settlement to ensure that your survivors can live there safely and plan how to wipe the zombies out of the whole world.


With this survival game, you will be able to rescue teammates who were injured during combat and bring them back to health. Our nation’s heroes deserve to be protected, so we do everything we can to keep them safe.

Join Alliance

Additionally, you have the option of joining another member’s alliance in order to fight together against zombies and survive.

User friendly interface

The State of Survival APK has an easy to use interface that will simplify the process of learning about the game that how to play it if you are a new player.

 In-app purchase

All advanced features of this game are only accessible if you purchase them from the game shop with money. If you do not purchase them, they are not available in the free version of the game. There are different costs for different items, so you should pay according to what you need. Starting prices range from 0.79$ to 84.45$. With a credit or debit card, or with Paytm, PayPal, and other available methods, you can make your payment.

Downloading Process

From our website, you can download the State of Survival for free. By downloading it from our website, you will never encounter any difficulties when playing it. Our latest version of this game will run smoothly on your device without any bugs or viruses. It’s available for download now, so have fun by playing.


State of survival APK is an interesting game to play. The game requires you to protect your land against zombies and fight off the creatures. There are lots of heroes you can select as survivors and then train them to fight against zombie attacks. You need to build your army, gather resources, collect food, and build settlements to keep your army there and provide all the facilities they need to survive.

Throughout the story, you will receive a number of weapons to use during your fight. Use them wisely. Shoot the zombies immediately as soon as you see them. You can play this game with friends or with other players around the world if you wish. It is also possible to join your friend’s alliance so that you may fight together.

Furthermore, your heroes can be customized with different accessories and they can be upgraded with new power, strength, and abilities. By winning the battle you will receive many rewards, which you can use to unlock new heroes and weapons in the game as well as many other locked items.

Almost every aspect of this game is of high quality. The game allows you to make in-app purchases so you can purchase items and try them out in the game for a better experience. You must download this game and enjoy it.

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