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Jul 9, 2022



In Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight APK, you will experience action-based gameplay that will keep you engaged for a long time. While playing the game, you will encounter lots of engaging battles where you will have to fight against the big fierce monsters that want to destroy you but you will have to defend yourself and kill them simultaneously.

In order to face them, you will be given a list of warriors from which to choose, and you can plunge into the battle against them.

At the beginning of the game, you may not have much choice in heroes, but as you win battles and keep updating the game, the rest of the heroes will become available to you, and then you can pick the best one.

Additionally, you will find the controllers on the screen that you can use to control your hero and attack the opponents. In addition to its basic powers, there are some superpowers that you can deploy to take down your enemies in one shot. To experience the wonderful gameplay of this game, try it for once to see how it astonishes in every case.

APK Features

Warriors to choose

The game includes a wide range of unique and potential heroes that players can choose from.

Fight against the opponent players with their chosen hero. Each hero has a different level of potential to fight against the enemies so choose the best one since your victory in the game is based on your hero.

Different modes to play

This game comes with 4 mods in which you will experience different levels of challenges, missions, and difficulties. These mods are Infinity Tower, Trick Game, Classic, and Time Attack so it’s totally on the players which mod they want to select to defeat the opponent players.

In addition, you will be provided limited time to complete each mission and you have to damage the opponent’s health in that time if you want to become the winner of the game. If you will win the game your name will be ranked top on the game leaderboard as the best fighter player.

Stunning Graphics and sound effects

In the previous series of stickman legend, they have used 2d graphics effects that do not give the best experience to the player but this game is completely the opposite.

As in the game they have used a 3D effect that makes the game more highlighted and appealing as well the sound effect gives you a realistic fighting experience. So fight well in the game and become the best Ninja.

Compete with other players

If the players love to play battles with other online players then this game will never make you angry as this game also offers you an arena system so that they can play this game with other players in real-time battle instead of playing the default game.

So while competing in the battle make sure you fight well because the opponent players are also there to compete with you to win the game.

Easy controllers

To play the game, you will be given controllers on the screen that you can use to attack the enemies in an appropriate way.

Different actionable moves will be provided to players that they will have to press in order to attack so choose the best fighting move at the best time so that your opponent player’s health is damaged and will eliminate from the game.

In-app purchases

Stickman Legends is completely a free game it will never ask you to pay for its downloading but still it offers in-app purchases to the users who love to play the game at an advanced level at the start.

However, as soon as the players will make payment for their in-game items those will become accessible immediately and they can then use them in the game to experience the game to the fullest also there will be no third-party ad display during the gameplay. The price item of each item varies but mostly it starts from 0.53$ to 54.22$.

Downloading process

Stickman Legends APK is available on our website to download which is completely free. So if you would like to play this game without facing issues then you should consider downloading it from our site as on our site you will get the best, latest, bug, and virus-free version that will let you experience the best and most amazing game.

Mod intro

Stickman Legends Mod APK is free and available on our website to download because this application is an alternative version of the stickman legend that’s why you cannot get it on the google play store to download but we provide you the downloading link of it.

However, in our provided Stickman Legends Cheats APK you will get instant access to use its unavailable features along with unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, and unlimited gems. So why are you still here? Go and click on the Download Button we provide you above the page.

Mod Features

Unlock all Characters and Skins

Stickman Legends Mod APK will give you complete access to choose the best hero for fighting in the battles. As you may know, in the original game you must first have to unlock the character and then you can choose the best one otherwise you have to choose those ones that were available at the start.

However, it is now possible that you can choose any hero from the list at the start of the game even if you are a new player in this game. You will not only get access to its characters but you will get lots of hero customizing options that you can use to modify your hero as per your choice.

Unlimited Money

In the stickman Legends Hacks APK, you will get lots of money, diamond, and gems. These rewards you can use to unlock the items that were not accessible to you before and as well as upgrade your hero’s power and energy so that he can fight well during the gameplay without being fatigued.

One Hit kill

Sometimes when we are in trouble we can’t defeat the opponent because of the pressure of fighting and we miss the attacks in a hurry. But in the mod version of this game, it will enable the one-shot feature so that your winning chances will be increased and your shoot can be hit perfectly to the target.

Free to Download

Stickman Legends Cracked APK will let you experience the best and fullest version of the game for completely free but to get access you must have to install it onto your device.

So please download Stickman Legends Mod APK and start competing with the international players.


Since there are many stickman legends games available on the google play store that have received good ratings, players who enjoy playing those games will also appreciate this game since it features much better gameplay than those games and it resolves all the issues players may have encountered in the previous series.

Nevertheless, we provide both versions on our website, so decide which one you’d like to install, the mod one or the official one. As we’ve listed all the details above for both mods, so read, decide, and download.

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