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NameTakashi Ninja Warrior APK
Version 2.5.7
Updated March 27, 2022
DeveloperHorizon Games Inc.
CategoryGames, Role Playing



Takashi Ninja Warrior APK is an adventurous and action-packed game.  As you play this game, you must defend yourself against enemies who have the same power as you do. Whenever you are fighting with your opponent, make sure you use your skills appropriately and wisely.

Because the opponent players aren’t fools either, if you want to win the game you must learn the fighting moves that which moves must be performed at which time. Your hero can be moved right, left, up, or down with the joystick. As a player, you should always be prepared for the fight, since you don’t know where your opponent will come from to attack you.

As such, before they attack you, you attack them and destroy them into pieces. As you fight, you will be given controllers on the screen that you can use all during your combat. While playing this game, each player will absolutely be blown away by the graphics and sound effects that are used. There are a large number of weapons available in the game for the player to choose from when fighting the enemies.

The map contains many secret rooms, secret treasures, and many other things that may hold a variety of rewards for you. Explore it all.

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APK Features

Unique weapons

There are many unique weapons available for the players of this game. They can select one from them and fight with the enemies with their unique and powerful weapons.

Customize your hero

There are many customization items available in the game that you can pick for your hero to change its whole appearance. You can change its costume, equip it with different gears, strengthen its power, different accessories, and many other things.

Get rewards

When you explore the whole castle you will find many secret rooms where many mystery boxes are placed so it might be possible that you got so many rewards when you open them.

3D graphics and realistic sound

The 3d graphics and realistic sound make this game more special. When you will play this game you will be amazed by its graphics and sound effects. You will feel that all the scenarios are happening real.

Easy to use controllers

To play this game there are easy-to-use controllers available. So learn them first and then use them to kill the enemies in a second.

In-app purchases

There are many features that aren’t available to you. For you to use them, you have to pay for them. By doing this, you’ll have a better experience with the game. The item prices are varying so you can pay according to which item of the game you require. There are prices starting at 0.84$ and going up to 15.47$.

Downloading Process

Our website APKfizz.com offers free downloads of Takashi Ninja Warrior APk. Whether you use an apple or android device, you can get this game¬†from our website. Additionally, we provide a virus and bug-free version of the app, so you won’t have to worry about your device getting damaged.


Takashi Ninja warrior is a Japanese video game in which you have to kill the corruptors of tochi land. This game is played as Takashi, the son of the Arashifamily, so your objective is to eliminate all the corruptors living on your land. During your battle against the enemies, you will have access to many weapons that will assist you in the fight.

The joystick allows you to move your character anywhere in Tochi Land, and it also allows you to find secret rooms and treasures, as well as receive unlimited coins, power, and other rewards.

As you explore, you will always stay alert so that if enemies come towards you abruptly, you are already prepared to fight. With the controllers, you can perform different fight actions to kill the enemies. You will never get bored playing this game since it has a seemingly endless storyline to enjoy. This game is really interesting due to the fact that the enemies are also strong and harder to defeat.

In order to defeat them, you will need good control of its controllers, as well as the constant attacks on it. In fact, the game is outstanding, you’ll enjoy playing it for sure.

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