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Taxi Run: Traffic Driver APK is a great game to play in your free time because this game offers unique and engaging gameplay that will never let the players bore while playing it. Throughout the game, you have to drive a taxi to pick up the passenger from point A and drop them to point B safely.

You not only have to drive a taxi but you also have to overcome all the obstacles that come along the way. As you progress through each level, you’ll face new obstacles and travel on roads that are complex. Upon completing the levels you will get rewards that you can collect to unlock or buy new and upgraded taxis.

This game offers lots of taxi models that you can pick from the list but at the start of the game, they might not be available to you to choose from. Nevertheless, if you play this game regularly and keep the latest version all the time. However, then, all the taxis will be available, so you can choose whatever taxi you want.

This game sounds easy but it’s actually not since you will never know when and where obstacles will come and your car hit by them and you may lose the game. As you travel along the roads, you will also see the money that you must collect, and your rewards will increase rapidly as you collect money.

These rewards you can then use to customize and upgrade your existing taxis to give them a new and unique look.

So download Taxi Run: Traffic Driver APK right now from our website and drive a variety of new cars.

APK Features

Get a variety of vehicles

In the game, you will get access to choose a car of your favorite that you want to drive during the game. At the beginning of the game, you may find them locked but they will be unlocked as you start completing levels and collecting unlimited rewards.

Thereafter, you can choose any of them without waiting for them.

Stunning graphics

It is essential for the game to have attractive graphics to attract players. When the graphics are good, players will be interested in it.

High-quality graphics make this game an exciting and challenging experience.

Everything that features in the game to enhance the beauty of the game is of the highest quality so players will definitely enjoy the game due to its best graphics.

Complex tracks

Throughout the game, you have to encounter different and complex roads so if you want to complete all the levels that this game offers then you must overcome all the difficulties that come your way.

This game requires your full-time attention so that as soon as the obstacle comes you can save yourself, your car, and the passenger from being injured.

Easy-to-use controllers

The controller of this game is very simple and comprehensive so the player who has never driven a car first can also drive easily. Therefore, to play this game, you just have to move your finger around the screen as per the situation.

Challenging missions

The entire game is based on challenges and adventures so it’s on the players how they will face them and accomplish the missions.

However, you have to pick up the passengers, take them safely to their right destination, cross the railroad, get the car out from crowded roads, collect money along the way, and have lots of other difficulties.

Friendly interface

The interface of the Taxi Run APK is very simple and straightforward so the user will not have much trouble learning and using it.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with its gameplay then you should watch its tutorial or read the instruction to know how to play Taxi Run APK.

In-app purchases

Taxi Run APK provides a variety of in-game items that will enhance your gameplay experience, but it requires you to pay for them in order to access them. As soon as you pay for them, they will instantly be accessible to you and you can then use them anytime. The price of each item varies, so be sure to pay for the item you need in the game.

Approximately 2.15$ is the starting price and ends at a certain price. The price tag for in-game items is quite reasonable and almost every player can afford to buy it and experience the best gaming experience.

Downloading Process

Taxi Run APK can be downloaded from our website because we don’t take fees for its downloading. So get it from our website and start playing it to get rid of all your boredom away.

Also, while downloading it if you are wondering that this game may contain a virus that will badly affect your device then it’s not correct because on our website you will only get the most recent versions that are bug and virus free and will keep your device safe.

So download it right now without fear.

Mod intro

Taxi Run Mod APK gives you access to its locked features and never asks you to pay for them. Though in the taxi run APK, you have to pay for them if you want to experience them in the game instantly.

Well, if you download our provided Taxi Run Cheats APK you will be given access to its premium features along with unlimited money, ad-free experience, and other game rewards for absolutely free of cost.

Therefore, download Taxi Run Hacks APK from our website and get the completely fullest version of it and experience this game at an advanced level.

Mod Features

Unlock all

In the mod version of taxi run, you will get complete access to its features that were not accessible to you in the original version because they were paid for.

But now, when you download its mod version, you then no longer need to spend real money to unlock the items when everything becomes accessible to you as soon as you download it from our site.

Unlock all cars

All the cars will be at your disposal and you can choose any from them with which you want to play this game. So choose the one that you dreamed of in the original version but were unable to choose because you needed money to unlock it.

Unlimited money

You will not only get access to its premium features and cars but you will also receive unlimited money and other game rewards in unlimited quantity without doing any hard work.

However, use this money to unlock the items you were unable to use before or buy new items from the game store.

Offline play

Fortunately, players can now play this game offline and enjoy the gameplay alone. Play this game anywhere and anytime since there is no need to connect your device with an active internet connection rather it will give you access without it.

Free to download

Taxi Run Cracked APK is available on our website so the users who wish to download it can now download it from our website. However, we provide you with the virus, bug, and malware problem-free version that will keep the device safe.


Taxi Run: Traffic Driver APK is a fabulous game for gamers who are looking for a game that offers them the best gameplay. In the game, you will encounter a variety of missions and challenges that you have to complete if you want to level up the game quickly.

In the game, you will find missions, challenges, difficulties, and car racing elements as well. From the car’s collection, you can choose your favorite vehicle and take it on the crowded roads to accomplish the missions.

So if you successfully complete the given missions you will earn rewards that you can use in the game store to buy a new unique car for yourself. You can also use these rewards to customize the cars so you can change their body parts such as the wheel, body, steering, brakes, and others which need to be serviced.

Everything about the game is of the highest quality whether it is its graphics, sound effects, interfaced, or gameplay. This game also offers in-app purchases that players can purchase if they want to experience the best gameplay otherwise, skip it and uses the freemium feature.

On the other hand, you can download a mod version of it and get everything free of cost.

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