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The Wattpad APK is an application that allows you to read and write stories. You will have to enter your login information to sign up for the app, or you can also connect with your Google account or Facebook.  Logging into the application, you will be asked to answer some questions related to your interest. Answer them and begin using the application.

There are different kinds of stories genres to choose from so you can choose one or more depending on your interests. Among the stories you will find in Wattpad APK are Adventures, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Mysteries, Historical fiction, and numerous other stories. After selecting your stories, you can then read them chapter-by-chapter.

If you love writing stories, then this app will be perfect for you because through this application you can write and then share your stories with other people precisely as you wish. Additionally, you can follow people, read their stories, and you can also vote out their stories.

It is possible to upload images as well as YouTube videos to make your stories seem more natural and authentic. In this case, you can publish your stories if your stories are receiving love from people, so then you can sell out your stories to people, and make some money. Stories are available in more than 50 languages, and you can also vote on your favorite stories to make them blockbuster stories.

Our website offers you the opportunity to download Wattpad APK for free and read the stories of your choice.

APK Features

Multiple Stories

There are different genres of stories to read in the application. Therefore, you can choose based on your interests and read stories to pass your spare time.

Earn Money

Your stories can be published online on this application and you can make money from them. In your stories, you use certain words or phrases to express the moments in which people are curious about reading the next chapter so they will be in a position to purchase your work by paying you money.

Write Stories

If you believe you are a good writer, and thinker, this application will provide the best platform where you can write your own types of stories. You will become the best and most famous content writer or author if people love your stories.

Join Online Community

Within the application, you will find a wide variety of writers and readers. In this way, you can follow each other and support each other, learn together, share ideas and suggestions with them, and earn fame together.

Create Library

Once you have created your own library, you will be able to add your favorite stories to it and then once you have time to read them, you can read on by simply going to your library and selecting the story you wish to read.

User-friendly interface

The Wattpad APK application provides a user-friendly interface, so you will not have any problems when using it.

Subscription Method

Wattpad APK comes with some advanced features that can only be accessed by those who have paid for them. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy these features. To take advantage of Wattpad APK’s ad-free experience and read stories offline, you will need to purchase the application’s subscription plan.

No Subscription Program Time Duration Price
1 Silver program 1 Month 5.99$
2 Gold program 1 Year 59.99$

Mod Intro

Wattpad Mod APK offers you all the premium features of the app without charging you for them as well as unlimited offline stories, unlimited coins, customization of themes, and no ads will appear when reading or writing the stories, and many other features you get for free when you download WattpadMod APK from our site. Furthermore, we provide you with the most up-to-date version of Wattpad Mod APK.

Mod Features

  • Unlock Full Premium Features
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Offline Stories
  • Customize Theme
  • No Ads
  • No Bugs
  • Support All Devices
  • Free to Download


For those who need a convenient application for writing compelling content with their unique words, impressive, and expressive, Wattpad APK is the right application. They can use this application for different types of stories, and if you love reading stories, then this application is for you as well. With this app, you can publish your written stories and become an author.

Several individuals publish stories on the internet, and you can follow them to gain more ideas from their content and offer your suggestions as well. There are different types of stories that can be read in your spare time, you can pick one from the story’s list you like and read it whenever you want.

Also, you are able to create a library where you can store your favorite stories so you can easily access them later on when you have some free time. There are many features on Wattpad for which you have to pay to use, but if you want to access all of these features for free, all you have to do is download the Wattpad Mod APK from our website and begin using all the premium features for free right away. Download now and enjoy reading multiple stories.

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