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YouTube Pink APK is the best option for people who love to view movies, dramas, shows, vlogs, and listen to songs in their spare time. With the help of this application, they can view videos in the background while using other applications and as well as can listen to songs while playing games.

Basically, this is the modified version of YouTube that has more features than the original YouTube that’s why people love using it.

With this application, they can play anything in the background even if the app is off, they get plenty of videos recommendations, make adjustments to screen brightness, set up video quality, can save mobile data, and different switchable themes, can view the content of every genre, download videos to play offline, create loops, add videos to watch later, no more regional restrictions, ad-free, and several other features get to you in a single place.

So try this application for once to know whether it is worth using or not.

APK Features

Play videos in the background

The simplest but more loveable feature of this app is to play videos in the background even if you turn off the app.

The video or the songs that you have selected will be playing in the background and you can enjoy playing your game with music or commentaries videos and can use other social apps by watching videos of your favorite.

As users already know that this tremendous feature is not available in the original YouTube but Pink YouTube provides it to the users who are fond of listening to songs while playing games or using apps, or doing any work.

Dark Mod

In this app, a dark mode is offered for those who are having problems with their eyesight due to harsh colors in videos.

With this application, you can enjoy movies, or any other videos, by enabling the dark mode so that the app screen will turn into darker color which will help you to relax, soothe, and calm and will not affect your eyesight.

Offline Playable

This application also provides you a feature with it you can download any video or song that you would like to play or listen to later without an internet connection you can do so.

Simply download the video and go to the YouTube library and play that video that you have downloaded before to watch later offline. Besides offline playing, you can also create a loop and add all your favorite songs into it or videos that you want to watch or listen to repeating.

No more Regional Restrictions

Occasionally, we can’t access YouTube because of restrictions applied by our country’s government but we love to use YouTube.

Because it is a good source for us to time pass a good time by watching the content of our choice. However, with Pink YouTube APK we are now able to use YouTube without being worried about the regional restrictions since it will still run on your device without any limitations or restrictions.

Save your mobile data

Within the app, users will get the option of saving mobile data. So the users who are using YouTube with their mobile data connection can enable this feature if they don’t want to waste their data so much by using YouTube.

As you will enable it all the videos will be displayed in low quality that you have to watch. However, when your device will connect with the WiFi connection you can disable the option and watch the videos in HD quality and enjoy.

Set up Screen Brightness

Keeping the brightness lower might be the best option if screen brightness bothers you and affects your eyesight. You can adjust the brightness in the app as per your needs. By sliding on the screen and dragging the finger to the point where you want the brightness to stay, you can do this.

Enjoy the content on a bigger screen

If you want to view a movie on your bigger screen such as LED or other android TV you just have to enable the casting option that you will get within the app. As you will enable that option it will connect to your LED or TV and then you can watch any video on the bigger screen to enjoy it even more.


By enabling this great feature you can then able to watch the next video without clicking on it. Because the next video will play automatically as soon as the previous video will complete.

This feature will help those users who find to listen to music and want to play music in the background so that they can play their games without any interruptions.


When you are a beginner user of this app you will find the clean and clear interface so the app will give you recommendations to view this or that video.

However, if you are eager to see the app’s recommendations you can watch. Otherwise, disable the option from the settings and search for the content you are looking for by typing the name in the app’s search bar.

Stunning Themes

This app will not only provide you dark theme mod but you will get other options of themes that you can switch as per your need or choice. The themes that you will get are White, dark, Pink, and black so the choice is totally based on users’ demands that which theme they want to keep and which one to change.

Block Ads

This clone version of YouTube will never ruin its user’s watching experience by showing annoying ads over the videos.

However, with this application users are now able to view any of the videos without annoying ads. There is no requirement that if users will watch this length of videos they have to watch ads. Rather, you can watch as many videos as you want without ads even if their time duration exceeds 1 hour.

Downloading Process

YouTube Pink APK is available on our website to download.

If you are always irritated by annoying ads that always appear during the video, then you should consider downloading YouTube Pink. Because, it will give you an ad-free experience, the ability to set screen brightness even when it is off, the capacity to set the video quality from low to high, and many other benefits that will improve your experience.

To download the app, all you need to do is to click on the download button and get the app right after into your device. The version of YouTube that we provide you on our website is completely bug, virus, and malware-free so it will run perfectly well on your device without issues.

Mod intro

YouTube pink Mod APK is the modified version of YouTube that will let the users enjoy a better experience of youtube with this app. Since this modified version provides some rare features that you don’t even get in the original version of YouTube.

However, as soon as you will install our provided YouTube Pink cheats APK from our website you will instantly get access to use all of its functions without requiring you to pay a charge for them.

So without further waiting just get the YouTube Pink Hacks right now after clicking on the Download Button, and enjoy the app with its fullest version.


YouTube Pink APK is the application that users can consider downloading and using as well if they love using YouTube to watch the content of their choice. However, by installing this version of YouTube on your android device you will be experienced the best and better version of YouTube.

Since this Pink YouTube is created by a third-party person who includes all those features people don’t find in the original YouTube.

Unfortunately, apple users can’t take advantage of this application since it is not compatible with IOS devices. To get to know more about the application you must give this application a try by downloading it from our website.

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