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Zombie Catchers APK is a game that is full of fun and adventures in which players will not have to be afraid of the zombie rather they will play as zombie hunters. By hunting them, you can build up your business where you will serve dishes that are made by zombies.

All the weapons and traps will be provided to you so that whenever you spot a zombie you can shoot them and capture them before they escape from sight.

After that, you can cook them and make different foods and drinks that you can serve to people who come to your food place and give money in return. Lots of customizing and upgrading items available in the game that will help you to enhance your weapon’s power so that you can catch zombies easily.

There are lots of gadgets that you will find locked that are not accessible to you until you make payment for them. So if you want to play this game at an advanced level you should have to purchase them otherwise play the game with free items and complete levels continuously to gain game rewards.

So that rewards can help you in unlocking the items. To know more about the game read the whole article and hit the download button to play it on your own.

APK Features

Get Food Out of Zombies

Once you start playing this wonderful game you will start encountering larger groups of zombies that coming toward you to dodge you so that they can escape from you.

But you have to capture them as soon as you will spot them.  The more zombies you will capture the more food you will find out of them that you can use for yourself to survive on the planet and to sell as well so that you can get money in return.

The food you will get is; tasty candies, juices, snacks, and different kinds of other food items.

Huge Collection of New Weapons and Traps

In the game, players will receive a huge range of weapons and traps that they can use to catch zombies so that they can’t go anywhere else.

All the weapons and traps will be given to you on the screen as controllers so you have to use them appropriately and wisely on time because if you miss any chance of trapping them they may escape from your sight and you will lose the chance then.

Build Up Your Own Food Planet

In addition to just catching up with the zombies and getting food out of them, it is also possible for players to build up their own food plants.

Once you catch the zombie, you are able to cook them, get different food out of them, serve them to your customers, take appreciation, and get money for your efforts.

When customers will like the taste of each recipe made by you they will become daily customers of your restaurant and cause a good income generator.

Upgrade Weapons

This game also offers upgrading accessories so that if your weapons become old and need to be replaced or serviced, can be made new again by just upgrading. When the weapons will upgrade your target will be hit to the right position and you can capture more zombies without missing any hit.

However, upgrade all of your weapons and see the magic.

In-app purchases

Zombie Catchers APK is completely a free game so you can now enjoy the entire gameplay without paying even a cent. However, to enjoy this game even more you then would have to pay the amount for its offered in-app purchases.

Once you have made purchases, you can then access any item immediately in the game and start gaining achievements as well as experience the ad-free gameplay.

There is also an option of disabling In-app purchases for those who don’t want to spend money can use the freemium features only.

The price range will be different so pay according to the item you selected to buy. In general, the price range starts from 0.44$ and ends at 11.68$.

Downloading Process

From our website, you will get both links for downloading the Zombie catcher, one for the standard version and another for the modified version of it.

However, if you want to try its mod version can get it from our site as it is not available on the google play store. The standard version of the game can be found everywhere on the internet.

Depending on you where you will have to download it, therefore, we also provide its downloading, so if you don’t want to bother with any difficulty or downloading issue then you have to download it from our site since we provide a completely safe, bug, and virus-free version.

Mod Intro

Zombie catchers Mod APK is a clone version of zombie catchers, in which you will get almost all the features that you did not get in the original version of the game.

Therefore, download Zombie Catchers Cheats APK and get everything free of cost along with unlimited money, unlimited weapons, and other accessories.

Mod Features

Access to All the Premium Features

The standard version only gets you access to those items that are free and asks you for payment for its premium items.

To access premium items, all you need to do is to install the Zombie Catchers Hacks APK and get free access to experience all of its features whether they are free or premium.

Enjoy the Gameplay Without an Internet Connection

To play this game, you don’t need to connect your device with an internet connection since the mod version also lets players enjoy the gameplay offline. However, it is now possible for all of you whose devices are running on mobile data and can’t play those games which suck all the internet data in one play.

So play this great game offline now without fear of losing your internet connection.

Unlimited Money

In our mod version, users will immediately get an unlimited amount of money as soon as they will install it.

Players can use this money anywhere in the game whether they want to unlock the in-game items that are not available for freemium users, do free shopping and buy any new item, customize or upgrade game accessories and a lot more you can do with the money we provide to you in our mod version.


There are lots of zombie games available in the market that have been downloaded by millions of users across the globe and getting love constantly. However, in those movies, we have to protect ourselves from zombie attacks but now in this movie, we will catch them and turn them into different kinds of foods and drinks.

After listening to this you may become excited to download this game to experience the wonderful game where you don’t need to fear zombies but rather let them fear you.

Players will not only find fascinating gameplay in the game, but they will also encounter many exciting challenges and missions throughout the game, which will keep them happy for a long time. Game controllers are easy to use so that novice players can enjoy the game fully instead of encountering issues.

However, download it by just simply hitting the download button available above the page and get ready to enjoy the game that is full of excitement and adventure.

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